Last ever Bucket Of Water Supporters Club on Tiswas


Chris Tarrant, Sally James, Lenny Henry, Bob Carolgees, John Gorman, Clive Webb, Frank Carson, Norman Collier, The Barron Knights, The Grumbleweeds take their place outside the ATV studios in Bridge Street, Birmingham for the final Bucket Of Water Supporters Club. This was the final Tiswas to have Chris Tarrant, Lenny Henry, Bob Carolgees and John Gorman – 28th March 1981.

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12 Responses to “Last ever Bucket Of Water Supporters Club on Tiswas”

  1. quizmaster85 says:

    The two people who’ve disliked this should have a bucket of gunge thrown over them.

  2. lone3wolf says:

    lol, poor girl looks absolutely frozen!

    Maybe she should have worn bra’s, wot? 😛

  3. PokerPlum says:

    How could anyone prefer Noel Edmonds Swap Shop to Sally James in thigh boots and a wet t-shirt, covered in custard.


  4. kraxus03 says:

    Ahhh…buckets of water were all well and good…


  5. cottonwhiskersuk says:

    If I remember, this song was actually a lampoon of a contemporary Guinness advert: “A bottle of Guinness supporters club”.

  6. cottonwhiskersuk says:

    At the risk of sounding petty, the programme was actually entitled “On Safari”.
    Safari – so goody!

  7. andrewelo says:

    My goodness, I’d forgotten all about ‘Safari’. Teatime kiddies tv, wasn’t it.
    The Sally James clip sounds lovely!

  8. jdclover says:

    The ultimate Sally J clip has to be her guest appearence on short-lived kids TV show Safari presented by Chris Biggins and future Eastender Gillian Taylforth (Kathy Beale). Sally goes down hard on the assault course in the ‘swamp’ section, gets completely soaked and is bra-less! She vainly attempts to pull the thin, clinging, t shirt from her ample form but to no avail! TV gold. If someone has that clip, then, for the love of god, post it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. jamiedropd says:

    sally james – omigod i was altered for life by seeing here in the knee high boots at an impressionable age – still love ladies in boots – thanks sally


    There should be a Bucket of water supporters club meeting everyweek… BY LAW!!!

  11. janekelly206 says:

    oh happy days!poor sally,still managed to be as sexy as ever though!

  12. harper1967 says:

    flan bloody tastic