Large outside dogs, water/food bowl help?


I have 3 very large outside dogs, they drink and eat A LOT, very quickly.. I have tried lots of different kinds of bowls for them but they tear up every one I put out there. Any ideas for some hugeee bowls I could buy that are like super strong and heavy so they wouldn’t turn them over? And something big enough so it would last a little while. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. 🙂
Pancakes- I take very good care of my dogs, I rescued every one of them and love them with all my heart. They are still young puppies; puppies are wild, rambunctious, and chew things. You don’t know me- don’t assume things.

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    7 Responses to “Large outside dogs, water/food bowl help?”

    1. pancakesx says:

      How often are you feeding and watering your dogs? Are they just left outside and never tended to? They tear up the bowls because they are bored and having nothing else to do. You could try making your dogs apart of the family and bring them inside, that would solve all your problems.

    2. says:

      Livestock Rubber Bucket. They work great. Here is a link:

    3. Debbie says:

      Stainless steel. They won’t tear THOSE up. And they come in various sizes. For water, you can get a bucket that will hold up to 5 gallons.

    4. michele says:

      A big ceramic bowl would be a good fit- easy to clean, heavy, and probably not too expensive. You could even make your own if you can’t find one big enough. Another idea would be a big metal bucket. If it’s not heavy enough, tie some bricks on each side of it to weigh it down.

    5. Disneyland Guru says:

      Get one made out of metal or buy a metal bucket from the hardware store. An ex girlfriend of mine had 5 dogs over 100 pounds and she had something hooked up to the hose bib outside so that it would automatically fill it up if the water got low enough.

    6. Vampirella says:

      Large outdoor dogs vs Large out door water fowl and geese, ducks and stuff

    7. aussiemom says:

      You could go to a livestock feedstore and buy a couple of their rubber feed pans for sheep/goats/horses. They are very heavy duty and come in alot of different sizes.