know of a good durable X LARGE dog bed??

know of a good durable X LARGE dog bed??


I have a 7 year old german shepherd she weighs about 100lbs. i have been looking for a bed that is comes clean, is washable, durable and wont get all flat. if anyone has a big dog and has found a really great dog bed. let me know what it is. she doesnt like laying on the floor, she tries to lay on a pile of clothes or a pillow if on the floor. i need one big enough for her to lay all the way out. please give me your advice,links etc. Thanks

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2 Responses to “know of a good durable X LARGE dog bed??”

  1. Goldengal says:

    Look in this site.
    http://www.Drs.Foster& their dog beds are very good.

  2. heaven181905 says:

    I have a 1 year old great dane mixed with a bull mastiff and he did the same thing. But we gave him 2 sleeping bags to lay on and hes happy lol. We couldnt find a big bed for him. try blankets she might lay on that. gl