Kitten Paws and a Basket


Kitty does all she can to grab the ball out of the basket!

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    23 Responses to “Kitten Paws and a Basket”

    1. ultimateobbard says:

      @Greatbear416 blah

    2. guitarpick2002 says:

      Forget expensive cat toys; all I need is a laundry basket with big holes and a crumpled ball of paper.

    3. tollywoga says:


    4. black4pienus says:


    5. TheRm85Lboi says:

      #LOL !

    6. DSend18 says:

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    7. BonBonBatman says:

      #LOL !

    8. thornekatt says:

      = D

    9. komoriaimi says:


    10. Greatbear416 says:

      @ultimateobbard really? that was the most fag ass thing ive ever heard. you are really a fuckin faggot.

    11. SomeHowSomeOne says:

      hahaha, awwww 😀

    12. ultimateobbard says:

      @Greatbear416 some people care the F.C.U care… First Commenter’s United!

    13. ultimateobbard says:

      @Xchippzanuff should be? they are proud 🙂

    14. ultimateobbard says:

      @VLS1998t Thank you 🙂

    15. AnnyaMoon says:

      “Gocha now!”

    16. fezan84 says:

      daang, so fast!

    17. VLS1998t says:

      @ultimateobbard CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What Do You Want A Prize.. OK Well here Is A Million Dollars In Air Money!!

    18. Xchippzanuff says:

      your Ancestors should be proud for making a dumb comment

    19. lonelysith66 says:

      Too cute!

    20. lookiss33 says:

      OMG SO CUTE!

    21. Greatbear416 says:

      @ultimateobbard no one fuckin cares. you dipshit

    22. cristizzz says:

      I’ve gotta do that with my cat xD

    23. ultimateobbard says: