Kitteh Drinks From Shower


This kitteh is too good for a water bowl and prefers to drink directly from the shower. Thanks to: For more funny cats visit

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25 Responses to “Kitteh Drinks From Shower”

  1. SoccerChick3829 says:

    i guzzle up milk like… well it’s a metaphor. it’s kind of gross, actually. but yeah i love to so there

  2. ligepith says:

    I like the part when the cat drinks the water.

  3. FreakyGirl2631 says:

    Sex with strangers is so much fun! Especially when you get kinky…

  4. ShadeOfficial1 says:

    keep pressing “4” while video plays…. watch cats tongue… laugh XDD

  5. PullipFiction says:

    @sofiathebest123 its suppose to sound like kit eh thats why they spell it that way and couse its cute!

  6. LegoBatBoy says:

    press 2. ah my face!!!!…………….

  7. ReachNation says:

    @mrFragaz yes, cause any animal that does anything by its own power is clearly being raped… dumbshit

  8. karinoiseluzinda says:

    This kitteh looks exactly as mine LOL

  9. mrFragaz says:


  10. FMAiscool says:

    @PUNISHERUltra you mean chlorine?

  11. sesshielover2007 says:

    If this was animal abuse, i am pretty sure the cat would less “Om nom nom” and more “get me the hell outta here! meow!” -.- stupid people.

  12. todd4441 says:

    10 people shot their cat in the face with a shower head to the cat’s enjoyment unknowningly

  13. TheJonoSel says:

    nam nam nam

  14. TheJonoSel says:

    nam nam nam

  15. 313yesi301nikki says:

    That kitty is saying: mmm… how delicious, this water is better than the one of my bowl

  16. stickmanpwner64 says:

    how to clean your cat: make the shower have a flavor, the cat will jump right in.

  17. antman3456 says:

    GTFO ima takin mah showerz

  18. Gummify says:

    @Hackerproo That would be a human.

  19. LoveJaydaNoworLater says:

    People don’t know what animal abuse is. This isn’t abuse. I am an animal activist and I know this isn’t abuse because my dog does this all the time and he hates water too. Go read about animal abuse before you say anything.

  20. LoveJaydaNoworLater says:

    Thats cute, my dog does that too, and never drinks his own water

  21. chelseaXichigo says:

    @nalle999999 well I wouldn’t have if someone didn’t ask

  22. nalle999999 says:

    @chelseaXichigo thanks for stating the obvious

  23. chelseaXichigo says:

    @elementsk8punk the idiot that commented under me wants to show you how to blind your kitteh

  24. kayleighanne12 says:

    kitteh went thirsty for too long, his last resort was….was…the SHOWER!!!!

  25. elementsk8punk says:

    @chelseaXichigo wat?