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. At Pets in the city in Auckland New Zealand we have luxury kennels in Auckland and strive to give your pet the best possible kennel experience. in fact we call our facility a hotel and not a kennel however the industry term is kennels so we will use that to show you our fantastic facility. When you go on holiday or vacation your pet should also get the best possible experience possible and do you really think a cold draughty kennel is going to please them. What about a warm , dry luxurious dog hotel where you loved one can relax and enjoy the company of other dogs in the kennel and get entertained, walked, washed, groomed and anything else you desire that you won’t get in a traditional dog kennel. We love our facility and work hard to get our dog kennels in Auckland the number one kennel for all requirements . We have hydrotherapy in our kennels so your dog can get gentles excercise without the hard pounding of the joints. this is great for older dogs who have problems with arthritis and so on. We have a dog groomer onsite and we also have staff that love to entertain the animals. we are there 24/7 so you can be assured that your pet is not abandoned at night time!. Check us out you will be very happy with our dog kennel in Auckland Give us a call today and experience the difference between a dog kennel and a dog hotel

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