K9 Dog Training – Dog Trainer Fred Hassen


K9 dog training of a Police dog demonstration of a dog taken in and out of commands very, very quickly. www.sitmeanssit.com Fred Hassen of Sit Means Sit Police K9 school is seen here at the 2010 Invictus Law Dog International Police dog seminar demonstrating his dog doing multiple tasks at once while still maintaining much desire and spirit. This Law Enforcement seminar is held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada

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25 Responses to “K9 Dog Training – Dog Trainer Fred Hassen”

  1. gamingrig01 says:

    WOW. Very trained dog. Good work. Keep it up.

  2. ServiceAboveSelfk9 says:

    Ive always wanted to have one of these dogs. I have a german shepherd and although i love the thing to death these Malinois seem really great, Ive seen videos of them jumping over fences and into windows of cars. Very impressive

  3. ServiceAboveSelfk9 says:

    that is a great K9 sir. Congratulations on training such a outstanding dog

  4. fredhassen says:

    @An0niempje Combination of different things. We have over 650 videos on our channels and a lot of them are with green dogs. You will see that things are different with each and depends on the dog etc. Watch a few and you will get a more general idea. We also have many trainers from our franchise that do videos as well.

  5. An0niempje says:

    @fredhassen There you have a point xD.

    What makes your dog react so sharply then? Just repetition, or…?

  6. fredhassen says:

    @An0niempje If it was trained that way, he obviously wouldn’t pick it back up.

  7. An0niempje says:

    That dog is very clean and quick to follow commands, almost like a machine. It is so quick that I wonder how it’s possible. It looks more like he is used to the toy burning him a second after the ‘out’ command then as a normal dog reaction. I hope you did not train him using such methodes?

    Do you only train for law enfocement?

  8. MrCheeser124 says:

    I like dogs

  9. Aunit1234 says:

    @fredhassen hey thanks for the tip but you dont have any trainers in the caribbean

  10. fredhassen says:

    @Aunit1234 Hi! One of my first dogs was a Pitbull! I have a video of her picking up all the trash in the park on our website! Click on the link in the video description to find one of our many locations and get a free demonstration with your dog!

  11. Aunit1234 says:

    wow if i could get my pitbull trained like this im am from trinidad and it would be verry helpfull if i cand find a good quality trainer like this to help me out he is 5 months

  12. MasterOfAllBulldogs says:

    Try a Working Bulldogs or Working Mastiffs. To Do all that.

  13. kgreenwaybucket says:

    What crisp, clean training… VERY impressive. I am so happy to have come across these videos. I just started schutzhund with my Mal yesterday.. funny to think of because just a year ago I thought I was getting a shepherd mutt from a local shelter. This type of training with this type of dog truly forms such a unique bond, I cannot get enough. Great work here and so inspiring!

  14. israboy35 says:

    perfevt dog i want that level and i go for it , sit mean sit only one comando

    123 comando it is somthing serius hapen .

  15. byronb365 says:

    ha come train my dog, please

  16. slimjim88 says:

    HOLY SHIT 1:41 He gets major air!

  17. Phouenix77 says:

    That is a one smart dog, very nice. A++++

  18. nazifa15 says:


  19. joy1288 says:

    that dog was following commands better than i could, DANG

  20. Superiorpakfan says:

    @ 0:49 you said sit and he did but u didn’t say out! he let go of that toy thingy

  21. lMP0SSIBLE says:

    i have never seen anything like this. all i can say is wowwww

  22. sheeeve08 says:

    @PseudoScienceb20 you mean Shepherds……. but know that this dog is not a German Shepherd either.

  23. superford500 says:


  24. Gurky says:


  25. scubafire4 says:

    wow wish my fat dog could do that