K-Lane Kennels, Saskatchewan CANADA: www.HappyPetBoarding.ca 306.781.2774


Dogs love K-Lane Kennels, a leading dog boarding kennel located on an acreage near Regina, Sask., Canada. We feature caring on-site owners, huge 5×25′ indoor/outdoor suites, heated floors, solid walls between suites, extra-wide alleys and comfortable Kuranda beds. We have a strong commitment to animal welfare, health and safety, service excellence, the environment and our community. We do not sell pets.

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    One Response to “K-Lane Kennels, Saskatchewan CANADA: www.HappyPetBoarding.ca 306.781.2774”

    1. bdahlable says:

      Many thanks to you for all you do. From my many four-legged friends, past and present.

      Yellowknife, NT

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