Jumping on an Crocodile Lilo


Jumping on a inflatable crock lilo at a hotel in lanzarote.

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16 Responses to “Jumping on an Crocodile Lilo”

  1. jordanclarkson2010 says:

    @scotty688 Yeah

  2. jordanclarkson2010 says:

    @GTAcrazyfan12 xD

  3. jordanclarkson2010 says:

    @JROD9496 haha xD

  4. GTAcrazyfan12 says:


  5. scotty688 says:

    whoa nice pool.

  6. JROD9496 says:

    Haha I thought you jumped into some pool full of crocodiles. +1 though.

  7. jordanclarkson2010 says:

    @nightdrift22 Hell Yeah! 😀

  8. nightdrift22 says:

    Awesome man, andit wasn’t a fail!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. jordanclarkson2010 says:

    @supercarfan0146 Cool! Yes it was pretty cool!

  10. supercarfan0146 says:

    Nice video! Was Lanzarote good? I was there about 7 years ago.

  11. jordanclarkson2010 says:

    @GTRJacko k

  12. GTRJacko says:

    @jordanclarkson2010 you’re welcome 😛

  13. jordanclarkson2010 says:

    @GTRJacko YAY :D! Thankyou mate!

  14. jordanclarkson2010 says:

    @SPLWOG indeed

  15. SPLWOG says:


  16. GTRJacko says:

    HAHA that’s Actually Awesome mate. And Not a Failed attempt either 😛 Anyway can’t wait for more Randomness!!!!! +1

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