Jilli Dog and her friend Spidey play team basket ball


Dogs that play team basketball! Watch Rick Caran’s two little doggies play an amazing game of basket ball together. Lucky the Cat was posting up! Visit Rick and Jilli at www.jillidog.com for more about this fabulous team!

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    18 Responses to “Jilli Dog and her friend Spidey play team basket ball”

    1. rickcaran says:

      thank you so much, mavanti, for the very kind words! I watch these videos often, and they make me smile, too!!! youtube, facebook etc, are amazing in getting in touch with people worldwide! When we toured in Italy this past May. some people on he street, recognized JilliDog! It’s fun!

    2. mavanti says:

      Rick, I love it, how great to watch Spidey and Jilli and then to see Lucky play interference, this is so cute. I don’t think anyone could stay sad watching this video. What a gift you are to the world, Rick! Thank you for the joy and for the love that flows out of this video to the world. Thank you!

    3. piggifwn says:

      so cutie :X

    4. justformirka says:

      could they have much more fun!!! and GOOD JOB!!!

    5. rickcaran says:

      it’s not so much a “lot of training” as it is a lifestyle of fun training… We do a little every day, and because it’s FUN, the dogs look forward to it, and so do I-) Thanks. xJ. Yes Bocker, you can dunk the really high ones!-) and cool to hear that about your cat watching our team, KBD!

    6. xJC4Rx says:

      that mustve taken alot of training

    7. rickcaran says:

      thanks secondadonna! That cat is `17 yrs old, and loves these dogs! He just wants to be around them!

    8. secondadonna says:

      Love the interference!

    9. rickcaran says:

      Hey KBD, yes, cats and dogs are much more aware of things than most people realize! Great fun! thanks… rick

    10. bockerdoodle says:

      Maybe I can dunk for Jilli!! Would be fun. This is great. Can’t wait to see you.

    11. rickcaran says:

      thanks lakitty1, Lucky the Cat, thinks he’s a dog! He loves those 2 little dogs, and wants to be where they are. he is a pretty cool cat… lol! thanks for the kind words!

    12. rickcaran says:

      thanks mschiefmaker! the Harlem Globe Trotters is their favorite team!!!

    13. rickcaran says:

      yes Bocker, maybe we can arrange a basketball game with you, but we’d have to figure out some height regs for the basket, huh? thanks!

    14. KBDuMontrose says:

      Great to see Jilli teaming with a member of her own species! BTW my cat Sasha watched this all the way through and turned away from the computer once the video ended.

    15. lakitty1 says:

      Those dogs are so very talented but honestly that gorgeous cat is the best part. The kitty just stands there like what are you too wasting your time with?

    16. mschiefmaker says:

      Better than the Harlem Globe Trotters! What a cute team too.

    17. bockerdoodle says:

      Love Lucky too!!!!

    18. bockerdoodle says:

      Very cool..think I can play sometime?? What do you think Jilli and Spidey???