Jedi swimming in his water bowl


Our keeshond seems to love to ‘swim’ in his water bowl!!

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    11 Responses to “Jedi swimming in his water bowl”

    1. LeatherBee says:


      I have a mittelspitz and she does that too :3 But my friend’s kleinspitz hates going in water. So it really depends more on the personality of the dog, not the breed. Still, I always find it amusing when a german spitz goes swimming because it’s pretty rare to see dogs with heavy coats enjoying it 😀

    2. CodenameSailorv1 says:

      During the summer mine likes to go wadding in the water by the boat ramp, she won’t go past her shoulders though

    3. CodenameSailorv1 says:

      Mine has done that to!!

    4. Rondvu100 says:

      I’ll be spending the rest of the evening watching all of your Jedi videos. Jedi is a cutie. I have 2 videos of my Keisha posted on youtube. Thanks for sharing.

    5. megaman2160 says:

      mine did that to

    6. chappychap says:

      Keesies love paddling in their water bowls :-))

    7. ionballerchris says:

      my dog holly used to do that when she was a pup
      \but now she is seven and has grew hair on her chin.

      i love keshonds

    8. mew5280 says:

      Oh my gosh, my keesie pups have ALL loved to play in their water dish! Rosie used to fall asleep with her paws in it when it was hot out.

    9. LeatherBee says:

      It seems that many keeshonden do not like to swim (the coat gets so heavy when it’s wet) but as puppies they like to play with their water bowls. It’s funny, I’ve heard about many keeshonden that do that 😀

    10. TerraNik says:

      Thank you! 🙂 We love him very much!! He’s a little champ!

    11. roosterwood says:

      That is what all the Kees pups we have had do. We have 4 Keeshonds. It is so funny and you use the mop a lot when they are inside. Ya gotta love a Keeshond puppy there is nothing cuter. Congratulations on your new Jedi.