Itchy bed with clean sheets and new mattress pad?


I have noticed that when I lay down in my bed the parts of my body touching the mattress are very itchy for the first few minutes I am laying in bed. I washed all of the sheets, blankets and pillow cases and got brand new mattress cover. The first night it seemed ok, but the itching is starting back up again. I thought maybe it’s pet dander, since my dog sometimes sleeps in the bed with me. Any ideas on what the problem might be???

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    4 Responses to “Itchy bed with clean sheets and new mattress pad?”

    1. Jennifer says:

      Either pet dander, fleas or dust mites. try vacuuming the mattress then wash bedding in hot water if possible with bleach or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

    2. Arggg says:

      Maybe you’re allergic to the fabric softener.

    3. Ashe says:

      Are you getting bitten or is it just itchy?

      If you’re getting bites, it could be bedbugs, but hopefully not. Perhaps they were in your old mattress? Apparently they are extremely hard to get rid of, so if they managed to get on your clothes or some other piece of fabric, they could have gotten back into the new mattress.

      If not, maybe you’re allergic to something in your detergent?

    4. Doug says:

      You may be chemically sensitivie.
      If these were recent purchases, Both mattresses and sheets are heavily chemically laiden. It also could be detergents and fabric softeners.

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