Is the shampoo for a Kirby vacuum cleaner dangerous to pets?


I got a visit from the Kirby salesmen today. I’d never heard of Kirby before, but I wish I had so I could have known to say, "No, I don’t want a free carpet cleaning." But I didn’t, so I sat through the demo. I didn’t buy a vacuum–which is shocking because I hate saying "no"–and wouldn’t settle for any offer they gave me. (I’m actually very proud of myself.) As they left, one of the salesmen was extremely rude to me. In my own home! (I’ve read that’s quite normal for them.)

While they were doing the demo, I asked if the shampoo they were using on my rug was safe for pets (as I have 10 cats) They said yes. But after the rude comment and reading horror stories about Kirby salesmen, I’m wondering how truthful they were. Does anyone out there know if the shampoo they use is safe for pets?
Thanks, livin4themin and Aj~! I thought so, but needed some reassurance.

And, donmustard, say hello to by blocked list.
I thank you as well, JIMMY. They’ve already walked on it while wet (oops!) so I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for a possible rash. Thanks for the heads up!
I must have gotten a bad apple salesman, then. They come in all stripes, I suppose…It’s good to hear the opinion of someone who has some experience with the exact cleaning solution used. I greatly appreciate it.

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    15 Responses to “Is the shampoo for a Kirby vacuum cleaner dangerous to pets?”

    1. Katrina says:

      I don’t know but it may harm your pet as well as people around you who might use it as their shampoo. Basically, it wasn’t made for animals so, better not use it for you puppies. This may lead you onto something serious.

    2. Troublesome says:

      I own a Kirby myself and used the shampoo on numerous occasions and i can say that theres been no harm done to my pets or children for that matter. So dont fret im sure your animals are fine and will continue to be!

    3. Alyssa:] says:

      Yes because the chemicals in the shampoo are not good for a pet .

    4. mshonnie says:

      Yes toxic, but will not kill or harm pets at present, but can cause illnesses overtime,yes, just as it would a human overtime cause illnesses, any chemical compound in cleaners can cause illnesses overtime, if any one of your cats has allergies then I would advise you to remove the pet until the residue of the carpet shampoo has been removed, which you can do yourself with one to two cups of White Vinegar added to a steam cleaner without any detergents added, just water and vinegar is all thats needed to clean the carpet and rid the carpet of any residues left by the cleaner, you might want to do the same for yourself if not for the cats health if you have any allergies, and never again believe the sales hype of a salesman, if they tell you a certain product is safe, tell yourself it is not unless it is environmentally safe such as organic material, it is always best to be wary of such chemical cleaners by not using them in your home if you are concerned about the health of others Good Luck !

    5. judy_derr38565 says:

      I have pets and have had no problem with the shampoo.
      Good for you for not buying from the salesman! However they are a awesome vacuum and the do a great job, I have two Great Danes and a Dachshund and the Kirby has by far the most power of any vacuum I have owned. I know this sounds like I’m selling them but I’m not! I own two of the next to the current model which is a Kirby G7 Diamond and they are fantastic, we have a split level home and I have one on the upper and lower level, these are the first Kirby’s I have owned since the early 70’s, and those were like pushing a elephant leg around, but the tech drive they have added makes it effortless to run, what a improvement over the older models! We have friends that own a kirby that they bought in the 50’s, so as far as durability they will outlast most vacuums on the market today, they are made to last. I have owned a Rainbow vacuum, a Dyson and a Fantom Thunder and when push comes to shove I will take a Kirby any day! If you are even considering one in the future don’t buy new and spend close to $2000. Check out ebay and look for a reputable seller, they will show their ratings and complaints, you can pick up a good next to the current model for about $350.00 and sometimes less! That is less than most Dyson vacuums which are plastic! If you do your research you will find that most vacuums that are made today will last about five years on the average, a few will last maybe 10 years, but a Kirby will out last them by far if it is taken care of and the zip brush is excellent for getting pet hair off of furniture and carpeted stairs……however the only thing I don’t care for is the shampooer, it does a fairly good job, but I like my Hoover Dual V shampooer much better. Once again good for you for not buying from the salesman, there are much better deals on ebay like I said……and if you even buy a older model Kirby you can go back to what they call the G4 and still have the tech drive. If you do decide to purchase one in the future make sure it has the zip brush with all the other attachments you will love it!

    6. llazyiest says:

      Indeed, the vacuumes are way too expensive but always for sale used somewhere.
      No problems with the shampoo when I used it on my carpets. Love that vaccume. Yeah.. the salesmen are pushy but that’s how they pay the rent. BTW… i used the upholstery cleaning attachment on my old lazyboy and wow did it work great!

    7. Anthony D says:


    8. crazijimsmith says:

      most shampoos and cleaners are trying to go user friendly so unless the cats actually did drink it , i doubt itll do more than diarhea from consumption. i know amway products are pet and children friendly, they want hurt with contact. id guess the worse that could happen is a rash on their tender paws if it was pure strength. my cats run from mr vacuum and carpet cleaner. cjhs

    9. olde.mike says:

      I had Fish, A hamster and dogs and I have Fish and a dog now, none developed symptoms from Kirby shampoo. It is a shame bad salesmen wreck the image of a great cleaner. Unfortunately Kirby maintenance are just as bad when you kick them into touch for ratcheting up their charges for no real reason.

    10. Kristin D says:

      Really? I love Kirby and they’ve always been so nice to my mom, and that’s why I love them. A little pricey for me though. But to answer your question, yes the shampoo is safe.

    11. JIMMY says:

      The shampoo is no more toxic than any other. Even if they drank the shampoo it would only make them vomit. But it would be best to keep them off the carpet until it dries. A rash is possible.

    12. says:

      highly toxic! goodluck!

    13. Aj~ says:

      i agree… i have 7 cats & 2 dogs & I’m always cleaning my carpets… & they haven’t gotten ill yet…. but then they don’t drink it. That’s the harmful part…. even for humans

    14. livn4themin says:

      Yes, I wouldn’t think it would hurt them, unless they drank it straight from the jug. Its fine.

    15. Funny Face says:

      I own a Kirby and have a dog. No, it doesn’t hurt them in the least. I just did my entire house and the dog licks up the soap residue if she’s in the room when I’m doing the shampooing. She hasn’t ever gotten sick although I don’t want her to be with me she’s always by my side if I don’t watch out for her and put her outside!
      Sorry you had such a bad time w/ the salesmen. They can be high pressure but the Kirby is a great item. I’m somewhat of a clean freak so I use mine daily, before Kirby I went through a vacuum every year. I love mine.

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