Is my Tank Size and set up okay for My Lizards (with pictures)?


3 Small Rainbow Skinks.

I have a 5.5 gallon glass tank, and am using a 60w Red heat lamp.
I also have a 1w small Heat mat. Which would be better to use?
When should I use them? How long should I use them for?

I have 1 small Thermometer that hangs off one wall of the tank.
What should be the temperature on the Cooler side and the Heated side?

My substrate is Zoomed’s Reptibark, I have a small Plastic Plant, a Basking rock from my Backyard that has been washed thoroughly, a Small Rock-like bath that I got from the Pet store, and 3 Small sticks I got from the backyard.

I clean the tank by Wetting a paper towel with Water and Vinegar, and going over the tank and the props. After, I wash the tank and props with Clean water, and dry them with a towel.

Here Are Pictures:

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    3 Responses to “Is my Tank Size and set up okay for My Lizards (with pictures)?”

    1. Boober Fraggle says:

      I agree with Steven. That tank is way too small even for one skink. You’ll also need a UV light in order to prevent Metabolic Bone Disease.

    2. SeanK says:

      back up the light a little bit unless you intended on eating them extra crispy..ha im hilarious 😀

    3. Steven says:

      Most Skinks are baskers and need a uvb bulb. Also a 5.5 is too small to create a proper thermal gradient. It is also too small for even one lizard as active as a Skinks

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