Is my dog claustrophobic?


When we go out we had to put our 8 month old female golden ret. in a kennel because she would chew up and destroy everything in sight.At first we just put her in the bathroom and took everthing off the floors that she would chew and gave her some food and water and toys. But when we got back she chewed the door, door handle, door frame, and pulled up the cheap tile that was on the floor around the door. So after that we decided to put her in the kennel. But still had problems with her. She then chewed right through the kennel and went threw the house and chewed up everything all over again.She likes to chew up shoes and the kids toys. I’ve showed her and told her over and over again that those are not hers and gave her her toys and showed her where they are.But nothing has seemed to help.Can anyone help me with this?
She is getting constant attention all day long from myself, my husband, both our children, and the neighbors kids when they come over during the day. And she goes out with us walking twice a day for 2 hrs. each time and plays in the yard with the kids and plays with our other golden ret.

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    5 Responses to “Is my dog claustrophobic?”

    1. PasoFinoLady says:

      I definitely agree that your dog is not getting near enough training,walking, or runing to work out the energy it has and agree 100% with the long brisk walk or jog but I do have a claustrophobic dog, they do exist.If you do the brisk long jog or walk everyday and still your dog still freaks in the crate then yes, I would say yes but by the same token I will say the dog will be far less distructive once on a consistant schedule of working out the energy.

    2. MAGGIE says:

      some dogs have seperation anxiety and they act out like that or in some cases they will pee or poop in the house if you leave, even when you have taken them for a walk.
      they need training, sometimes by a professional. dogs dont understand if you say too much to them, they understand words but not in long sentences. more like commands.

    3. MonsterMidgetX says:

      I think it’s anxiety

      When dogs are put away from their owners; and they have anxiety; they tend to chew up and wreck the things around them because their distressed.

      I believe this is the issue with your puppy.

      the best thing to do to fix this is to try spending more time with her =]

      But this is my opinion; you should definetly ask your vet next time you visit about this to confirm it.

    4. di says:

      Claustrophobia is not your dogs problem. She needs more exercise to work off all of her energy. A 1-2 hour walk (vigorously) EVERY day will help. She is high energy and will continue to demolish things unless she is given guidance and an avenue to work out her energies in a more appropriate manner.

    5. Donni-Jay says:

      It does sound as if your dog has too much energy, and retrievers do need a great deal of walking. Also, you may be leaving it alone too long.

      Long walks will just take too much of your time, and the dog may still have a lot of nervous energy left. The best thing to do, is to run with the dog, or get on skates. After about 15 minutes of running, the dog will slow down and feel calmer. Leaving her alone after this, (preferably in a strong crate, until cured) will make her less inclined to chew voraciously and she will not have the energy to break her way out with the chewing. Try and get a big rawhide bone for her to chew on.

      Good luck!