Is it worth bringing my dog home just yet?

Is it worth bringing my dog home just yet?


My dog’s been at a kennel for the last week because my husband and I are getting floorboards in our house polished and everyone had to move out. My kids went to my sister’s, my cat went to a cattery, my husband and I went to a hotel and my dog went to a kennel. Longest week of my life.

The man who did the floors said people could move back in after a week, pets have to wait longer.
Me and my family are home now, but we just dont feel the same without my giant Mastiff X goofing around the place. The cat’s been to a cattery before and he loves it so he can come home next week, but the dog has never gone before.
If she comes home now, she’ll be locked outside for a week. As much as I love her, these 00 boards need the best possible chance.
Should I leave her at the kennel where she gets a personal ‘doggy doter’ or bring her home where the formerlly inside dog will be banished outside? We miss her so much, but I want her to be where she’s happiest

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8 Responses to “Is it worth bringing my dog home just yet?”

  1. ladystang says:

    no dog should be banished outside

  2. Andromeda says:

    is there any reason you cant visit her in the kennel and go walking with her so you can get some time with her?

    also have you talked too the kennel and heared how she is doing? do you know for sure she is not doing well, or are you just conserned posible without reason

  3. Morgan says:

    It really depends on the kennel. If it’s one that doesn’t give her any personal time then I thin bringing her home would be best to give it to her. Just make sure she is as comfertable as possible wherever she is staying! But if it a kennel where she can go outside freely through a doggy door then I would leave her where she is. She can socialize and be happy.

    Hope this helps!

  4. MamaBas says:

    I think I’d leave her where she is until all the fuss has died down. What bothers me is the possibility, with workmen around, of door/gates being left open and her escaping, especially if she’s at all upset with all the strange things going on, and being locked outside. Most likely the workmen will feel more comfortable not to have her around, even if she’s not under foot, too, and even if she’s basically friendly.

    But you really knew the answer didn’t you LOL

    Add – To the 2 TDs …….. why? I would have thought my concerns were relevant…! Once again, I only answer questions with my opinion, to which, like anybody on here, I am entitled?

  5. Dog 4 me says:

    Bring her home. I worked at a boarding kennels, they get let out twice a day to exercise for about 15 minutes then they go back in their kennel. As much as I tried to give the dogs there some personal attention and love, time didn’t permit any extended amount, there were too many for that.

    Even her being outside you can give her more than 30 minutes a day loving attention and her yard is more familiar to her than a kennel.

    The thumbs downers…what’s the difference being in a kennel to being left outside?? Still the same. Better being able to take her on walks, go outside and give love and attention..Trust me, she won’t get that at kennels, I know, I worked at one for 2 years.

  6. Julissa says:

    Leave the dog at the kennel.

  7. Moondog says:

    Leave her where she is. She would be distressed if she’s normally an inside dog and you put her outside for a week.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but your lovely new floor boards are going to get scratched by the dogs nails.

  8. Rosalie says:

    Leave her be – you know this already.
    How would you feel if you came home from a trip, and your family who you thought loved you told you the yard was the only place you were welcome?
    And don’t go to the kennel to visit- she’ll be just as confused when you leave her there again after showing up. If you’re concerned, just call and pay for extra walks by one of their employees.