Is it possible that my dog has lost her mind?


My (approximately) 12 year old Chow has been acting very out of character lately. She is normally complacent and happy just lying in the house on the floor, or sitting outside. Within the past three days, she has started acting like a puppy again. She will walk in a circle numerous times before she lies down, and then she almost immediately gets back up again. She has been running around the house and whining incessantly. In the past, she never jumped – now I am finding her on the couch and in our bed. She is also rolling around the floor on her back. I tell her to lie down and she absolutely will not listen. I am wondering if any of you pet owners have had similar experiences and know what the cause might be. Her behavior is causing sleepless nights for my 11 month old son and I.

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    8 Responses to “Is it possible that my dog has lost her mind?”

    1. danicadurham says:

      there could be many reasons, maybe she is vying for your attention I am sure her life changed drastically when you brought your baby home. it could be she is felling better than usual and just needs to romp. have you asked the vet about it maybe get her a checkup just to be sure 12 years in a large breed dog is getting up there in years

    2. cops_wife07 says:

      As an owner of several dogs throught out my life …im 50
      dogs walking in a circle numerous times is normal for dogs, they do it all the time it’s just a way of getting right into that very just right comphy spot to lay down and if they don’t ge it right the fiorst time they will get up and do it again… nothing to worrie about.
      now the whinning part just never know, she might not be feeling well, maybe she has fleas, or skin irritation maybe she is in pain somewhere…id take her to a vet just to have a look.
      her jumping on the bed and couch might be a way of getting closer to you or feeling more comfortable when laying down. sometimes when they get older they have a tendency to start doing things they don’t normally do guess it is because there like us old people they do it because thay can lol.
      now the rolling around on the floor on her back ….mine do it all the time and then they make funny noises >>>their scratching their back that’s the reason..scratch her back and see how she likes it…
      i am however concerned about the whinning although… i would take her to see the vet and then voice that concern to them..good luck

    3. J_Maverick says:

      Is she spayed? If not, get her spayed as this could be a sign of her going into heat. Another possibility is allergies. You might want to call your vet and ask how much Benadryl to give a dog the size of yours. They can have uncoated, plan Benadryl pills and your vet will calculate how much of a pill to give her per dose based on her weight and how often she can take it. Also, you can try brushing her really well to make her more comfortable if the problem is itching or the hot weather.

    4. bassetnut says:

      There is such a thing as doggy senility, there’s even a medication for that.

      But if the change in behavior is sudden, I would have her checked by the vet to rule out a medical cause.

    5. xoxcutelilprincessxox says:

      please bring her to the vet something is wrong

    6. seekthetoys says:

      take to vet something may be wrong

    7. Kathleen M says:

      This animal needs to see a vet, right away. It sounds like it may be in pain. If you love your dog, call the vet.

    8. JR says:

      It is possible at that age she is simply uncomfortable and now that the weather is warmer its not as easy to make herself comfortable.

      I would have her checked for arthritis and maybe an occasional pain med would help her. THe heat makes us all uncomfortable and at her age it may really bother her a lot.

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