Is it okay to feed a dog like this?



My friend has a dog, and she doesn’t agree with feeding a dog only kibble (I prefer not to either), but she has a different method.

Every day she feeds him 2 meals, one raw and one cooked..sometimes she may give him twice raw, or cooked, and every 2 weeks or so, she gives him kibble as a "treat"..

is it okay to feed both raw and cooked? would it make like he is "always switching"? or it would be okay and not make a difference because technically its both human food? her dog doesn’t seem to have any problem, he is actually very healthy..but she is the only person i know who feeds this way, and i am thinking of not only feeding raw, but cooked as well. (i know that some people say that if you cook it it loses the purpose, but I have known many people on JUST home cooked diets and they are just as fabulous as raw feeders, i just never encountered to see someone feed a combination..

well thanks so much! i just want to see your opinions on this, and i will also ask my vet, but until tomorrow. Have a great day!
she is very knowledged about feeding her dogs raw and cooked, she told me she has been researching it for years.

i never tried homemade but i am looking and researching it. as for feeding raw, my breeder acknowledged me and i have been studying that for a long time before getting my dog, i am aware of the supplements and things that should be in there.

yes the dog is beautiful, he used to have flaky skin from all of the best canned dogs foods available..and health problems like diarrhea, bad breath (something way passed normal), loose him dry all the time made him constipated, so no way was good.

she switched him to this and he is much better. she feeds him only every two weeks one bowl of dry food to get his teeth crunching. 🙂

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    8 Responses to “Is it okay to feed a dog like this?”

    1. TruKidzTHINKfree says:

      This method of feeding makes absolutely no sense to me. If she feeds raw sometimes, why doesn’t she feed raw all the time? Does she have any reasoning behind this, or does she just do it without using any logic?

      It wouldn’t be like he is "always switching". Dog’s don’t have an issue switching foods often if they are used to it. The only time you need to be careful about switching is when a dog has been fed one food for many years. My raw fed dogs get different food for every meal.

      My biggest concern is whether or not the dog is getting a balanced diet. Does the dog get whole raw bones? Does it get organ meat? Both of these are absolutely necessary for a dogs diet to be balanced in the long run. A general balanced diet for most dogs is roughly 80% meat, 10% bone, 10% organ. Half of the organ should be liver.

      Look up the prey-model diet. It’s the most appropriate and balanced raw diet.

    2. Angel says:

      human food is NOT good for dogs. say all you want but i asked my vet and she said a little is ok but not a lot. only dog food is good for dogs to only eat that is why is it called DOG FOOD.

    3. TexasRiverRat says:

      Dog feeding has become the new black or something. I was without a pooch for a number of years (7 or 8) and when we got 2 pups this summer I was just floored by what I read on some of the sites and blogs!

      I’ve used the same vet for my cats and dogs for a number of years. He says that Purina chows are overall the best animal foods on the market. And if you read labels, just like you do on your own and your kids’ food, you’ll see that it’s true. It truly is a balanced diet for dogs. And the kibble is great for dogs’ teeth and gums.

      Expect to get many answers crying out that I’m a heretic and non believer. The folks who somehow feel better about themselves when they overspend on pet food will hate this answer. They argue against any grain in foods, when it’s an acceptable and necessary part of our diet.

      If the diet your friend is feeding is all meat I think she’d do better to switch or at least add something as crunchy as kibble so her dog won’t have problems with tooth decay.

    4. Nick Pearce says:

      i must say i don’t agree with giving dogs human food as the reason we have dog kibble and things is because it is specially formulated for their needs and human food isn’t plus giving him it raw and then cooked could give him a upset stomach and make him very fat

      please do not feed him human food he is a dog treat him like one.

    5. Om Nom nom! says:

      I would feed one or another. I don’t know if there’s any real issue since she does feed them at different times and not raw, cooked, and kibble all at once.

      But personally I wouldn’t,

    6. AshleyJ says:

      Feeding raw or a homemade diet can cause problems because it is missing the essential vitamins and minerals the dog needs. They might be healthy now and not have problems for years but it will have long term effects if you do not use supplements. You need to do major research if you plan on feeding a raw diet or homemade diet.

    7. Olivia says:

      I would say no……sometimes that can be too rich for them (just like lots of canned food)(and can mess up there poo) so id probably use kibble and put some water in it yea!

    8. Launi *Built Ford Tough* says:

      How is the dog doing on it? Thriving? Nice coat? Good teeth? Energy? Good weight? Firm feces?

      If yes to all the above it seems to be working then, doesn’t it?

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