Is it ok to have my dog and cats drink water from the same bowl?


I have two cats, I have had them for 3 years. Two nights ago I caught a homeless Miniature Pinscher. He has
been out in the cold for weeks. I had him checked out by the vet, and he has hook worm. Aside from that he is pretty healthy. I have a place for him to eat and drink separate from the cats, but he still
drinks from the cat bowl, which is one of those cascading waterfall electric water dish. I wash it out
every night with soap and water, still I am not comfortable with them using the same dish. I don’t know if the cats are comfortable with it either. Thanks.

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    9 Responses to “Is it ok to have my dog and cats drink water from the same bowl?”

    1. MjlovesPooks says:

      While he has the worms, do not allow it.. as they can pass this way. My cats hate drinking after my dog so this doesn’t happen here. It is perfectly ok once the worms are gone and all the animals are perfectly healthy. Though buying him his own free flow bowl would eliminate this issue.

    2. Jkittens says:

      Worms are definitely passed from one pet to another through saliva & grooming each other or can even pass worms if worm eggs are on their coat & they rub against another animal–or human! Don’t let them drink or eat from the same bowls till you are sure all the worms are gone, a couple of days after being treated. Put the cats’ food & water up higher so they can jump up to it & the dog can’t.

    3. Brittan says:

      Most illnesses don’t transfer from dogs to cats, but it is possible with some pathogens.

      Just make sure they’re all up to date on their shots!!

      Really you should be more worried about the cats sharing the same bowl since it’s much easier
      for a cat to pass something on to another cat.

    4. Danny says:

      they going do it anyways whats the use

    5. IDK says:

      My dogs and cats share the same water bowl. I don’t think that dogs and cats can actually pass illnesses to one another (being they are different species) but I could be wrong.

    6. caliyah1234567 says:

      Hi , it’s ok as long as one out of the two animals are not sick, cause they then will get ill also, and that will be two vet bills!!

    7. Yeno says:

      The only way for your cats to get it is that some small temp. host eat your dogs excrement, and these hosts are eaten by your cats. (the hosts can be insects, microorganism etc.)

      So there is no problem sharing the water with the cats. If the cats doesnt like it, then you decide whenever to let the dog drink from the same bowl.

    8. John B says:

      if the dog is ill he may pass it onto your cats

    9. ¸¸♥º° ɱ¥şŧƹƦƴ ɱẫɳ ɱƹẫŧ ¸¸♥º° says:

      While it may not be the better idea to let your pets share a water bowl, training them not to is virtually impossible.

      We no longer keep separate water dishes for the 2 cats and 1 dog in this residence since the cats gave up their separate bowls ages ago. But the bowl they do have is sterilized daily. The dog cannot get at the cats’ food dish though.