is it ok for my dog to sleep on the couch?


we got her when she was just a puppy, she slept in her kennel and bed at night, but we couldn’t help it to just leave her there so we would take her and she would sleep with the people in our house, now whenever she is tired she sleeps on the couch, is it ok for her to do that, like will it give her behavioral problems to just let her sleep wherever she wants to……..she is sleeping on the couch right now

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22 Responses to “is it ok for my dog to sleep on the couch?”

  1. TK at TMDF says:

    Mine have their own couch. They are well-behaved and obedient dogs. No problem, as long as she moves when you tell her and doesn’t think she owns the couch.

  2. happy2luvk9s says:

    As long as you don’t mind it I don’t see a problem with it and no it won’t give her behavior problems unless you start telling her that it’s okay to get up there but no she can’t sleep there, because that is going to confuse her. My dog sleeps on the floor, in his dog bed, on my bed, and on my futon and he’s a very well mannered boy.

  3. LB4animals says:

    Sure, I think it is okay. My dog is allowed on the couch. I think it really makes her happy. We keep her off of the bed though. She is a cover hog and takes her half out of the middle!!! Decide now if it is okay. The only way a bad behavior will develop is if you let her sometimes and punish her for it others. Be consistent and there is no problem.

  4. Jennifer says:

    As long as she knows who is boss and doesn’t become possesive of the couch. teach her that she can sleep there when you let her. It is probably better for her to sleep inside than out as well. Thats my opinion. Hope it helps

  5. chad s says:

    no it wont … she will just think that she has a place on the couch but will move when asked at least my dog dose…so i don’t see a problem with it ….. but then u have no spaces on ur couch for the dog to sit or lay the dog will wine bc the dog has no spot but then tell them go some where and they will or lay at ur feet ….well at least my dog dose at least but me i see no problem with it they just want to sleep conferable too just like you…lol that’s all

  6. Jillian G says:

    There is nothing wrong with a family pet sleeping on furniture unless it is not allowed!

  7. Becky says:

    It’s always a good idea to put some good basic obedience on your dog so that if there’s a time when you don’t want her on the couch, she will understand and comply with the command to get down. This way she won’t become stubborn, bossy or dominant, thinking she ‘owns’ the couch. She won’t jump up on guests who may not want her there, etc. It’s fine for dogs to sleep on furniture, and doesn’t present a behavioral problem it and of itself. But they should understand that you give ‘permission’ for this. Having a small blanket or towel for them to lay on is a good idea, so that becomes their mobile ‘bed’ which can be placed on their spot on the couch, the bed, the floor, etc, as needed.

  8. Kimberly B says:

    i would say it would be fine. just make sure she is clean and free of mud. haha. i dont think it will cause behavior problems.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  9. talim27 says:

    Most people I know elt their dog sleep where they plop themselves. It wont cause behavioral problems.

  10. Laura says:

    As long as she is not pushy, it is OK. If she refuses to move or grumps when a human sits next to her, then she shouldn’t be there. If she moves or gets off without complaint, then you are fine.

    Of course, you now have dog hair on your couch, but that is a problem for another day… 🙂

  11. kiddenmike says:

    Yes it’s perfectly fine, just get alot of hair rollers.

  12. svelteldy says:

    You are in control as to where you allow and don’t allow your dog in your house. For us, anywhere inside is fine but our bed is off limits to them=)

  13. Cornelius Q. Rockefeller III says:

    It’s up to you. Some people don’t like dogs on their furniture (mostly because of cleanliness issues) but if you aren’t bothered by that there isn’t any reason to keep her off the couch. However, make sure she knows that you’re the alpha dog to prevent any dominance problems.

  14. Luvsdard says:

    Sure it’s ok, as long as she gets off there if you want her off. Our dog sleeps in our bed. As long as they respect that it’s your stuff, there’s no problem . Now if she growls or snarls or snaps if you try to get her off, then it is not ok. Then you will have to keep her off there til she realizes whose couch it is.

  15. sweet music cutie says:

    if its ok with u

  16. James S says:

    It’s more of a personal preference. As long as she’s not exhibiting traits of dominance over you it’s okay. My personal opinion is no, my dog’s aren’t allowed on any furniture. But again if you’re okay with it then that’s your choice. Most trainer’s will tell you only if you invite her up.

  17. Alesi's Chi's says:

    It’s up to you to decide what’s acceptable in your home. I don’t see how it would cause any behavioral problems, unless you don’t want her up there at other times

  18. Alaska says:

    If it’s all right with you and the other members of the house then there’s no reason she can’t sleep there. I doubt that one thing alone will start behavioral issues.

  19. Kitty P says:

    if you want ot spoil your dog (which i do not recomend) then leave heryour dog will be a punk and get bulled b other dogs if it sees it is a softy. it will not play and is going to act like a little papered pussy cat. Your new puppy will act old.

  20. leleleelee says:

    If it was my dog, it would be our bed

  21. puppydawg93 says:

    my dog does i dont see a problem with it as long as she knows whos couch it is

  22. Nolan G says:

    It is possible it could cause territorial problems but not behavioral problems. You can let her sleep on the couch as long as you let her know it’s YOUR couch.