Is it normal to have so many "enemies" at such a young age?


I’m 15 years old. Okay.
1) I had a very close friend in 1-3 grade. We did everything together. All of a sudden, she didn’t come back for 4th grade at our school and didn’t answer my calls ever again. I was devastated and it took me until 8th grade to get over it completely.
2) I started to help out at a dog kennel around 4th grade and raced sled dogs. We got a dog from them that was an older retired one. Instead of kenneling him like they did his whole life, we let him live in "luxury" so to speak. While I was on vacation, he got sick and stopped eating. Well, he coughed up part of a leash so we think he might have pulled a leash through his crate at night and chewed it up. My parents opted not to do surgery because he was 10 years old and might not survive it much less live long after that even if he made it through. I was devastated when I got home. The owners of the kennel now hate me because it is somehow my fault that he died.
3) I traveled with a show dog breeder for a few years and helped them out at shows. Well, they hate me now. I am not sure why but I think it is because they think I don’t appreciate all they did for me and that I got a pet quality dog instead of a show dog when I had the chance to get another dog.
4) My dad hates me because I’m basically a disappointment…I don’t really know how, but I just am. When I got back from a dog traveling thing the exact words that came out of his mouth were, "Things were so much better when you were gone. We had a blast….this proves that you are the source of our family’s problems."
My siblings sometimes hate me but I consider that normal. haha

But yeah, is it normal to just have people randomly hate you? I’m not talking about a parent that is upset after I do something and then gets over it. I’m talking about a parent that is constantly putting me down, insulting me, and blaming me for many things I don’t do.

Am I an over reactant teen or am I just a terrible, hate-able person?


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    One Response to “Is it normal to have so many "enemies" at such a young age?”

    1. ZZgirl says:

      people who blame things on other people just because they have done other things is just not rite.Maybe people just take their madness on you because they are mad at something else, this tends to happen a lot.They probably have no one else to blame.Life is full experiences so try your best on not to let things go roughly even if you didnt do it,explain to people how things happened.=)i hope i gave you advice or something=)