Is it normal for a Lab/Weimaramer to drink from his water bowl from a minute or more?


My 8 month old Lab/Weim normally doesn’t drink until the evening … but I fill his HUGE bowl up w/fresh water every morning. Sometimes before he eats and drinks in the morning (rare) he throws up the water from drinking so much.

He literally stands there for a minute or more and drinks …. is that normal to drink so much?

It’s the most annoying sound in the world! It’s worst than hearing chalk screech on a chalk bored.

I’ve grown up around dogs & have taken care of "Water dogs" i.e. dogs that like water (like labs) and they don’t have anything on my puppy for how much he drinks.

He was at the vet a couple weeks ago and he weighed in at almost 65 pounds (in case his weight helps you w/quantity?)

Could he have a problem? Or do some dogs naturally drink for a full minute or more…

Like I said, I’ve never come across a dog/puppy that drinks so long … but he generally waits till the evening after he has been fed & had his treats.

Thank you.
No he drinks a ton when coming inside from our walk. Well, I walk he chooses to run most times.

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    3 Responses to “Is it normal for a Lab/Weimaramer to drink from his water bowl from a minute or more?”

    1. Emily Doggy says:

      hi sounds like you have a problem well i agree you should monitor your dog while drinking and if he continues as he gets older you should tell a vet hope i helped!

    2. Thornita *Love my Husky* says:

      It’s a mongrel so we can’t say ‘yeah this mix will do that’ but no, that is a BIT odd… Does he not even drink after exercise?

    3. inaal rabak says:

      you may find it the meds , your dog is on , my dog is on prednisolone ( steroid) and he drinks loads in one go too , some times i think my dog wont stop drinking