Is cinnamon harmful to pets?


I want to make my own rug deodorizer with baking soda and cinnamon sticks to freshen my carpets and I read you can do this. I hate the floral smelly ones with all the other chemicals in them. This cinnamon sticks are only going to scent the baking soda. I have a dog and two cats.

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    One Response to “Is cinnamon harmful to pets?”

    1. Rabbit & Guinea-Pig Xpert G.B says:

      No,it won’t.

      Cinnamon is a great natural insect repellent too & in the summer months i sprinkle some on my rabbits,to help keep way the flies,fleas & Mites.
      It seems to work.

      They may not like the smell,but i certainly won’t harm them. Hope this helps! xxx

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