Instructions on how to make a Rocket Box cook stove (English & Spanish)


Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG) Guatemala & Tostadita Productions present – April 2010 This is a practical guide on how to make a Rocket Stove with a griddle: The Rocket Box. The stove incorporates the Rocket combustion chamber into a portable and attractive design centered on the cooking needs of the Guatemalan people. The design was developed by AIDG Gutamala (The Aproppriate Infrastructure Development Group.) The film shows how to make the metal stove body and baldosa tile combustion chamber. Volcanic pumice stone is used for insulation The specific design parameters of this stove are: 1) A cooking surface that allows the preparation of tortillas. 2) The elimination of smoke from the kitchen (through a chimney.) Smoke in the home causes severe health problems in Guatemala 3) A low price accessible to people with limited disposable income. 4) A relatively large cooking area that allows the preparation of several foods at once. 5) The reduction of the use of firewood, creating an economic benefit (many famillies in rural Guatemala cook on open fires.) 6) A body that doesn’t heat up substantially, reducing the danger of burns. A design manual for the stove is available at: Tostadita Productions would like the film to empower people everywhere to use this stove design; we hope the film is a more exciting media than the written Design and Fabrication Guides. It was mainly filmed in Xela, Guatemala in 2009, the base of AIDG Guatemala. It was

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