I'm looking for a sliding glass door with a dog door built into it.?

I'm looking for a sliding glass door with a dog door built into it.?


Not an insert, but a dog door actually built into the door. Not sure if these are even made. Thanks!

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    10 Responses to “I'm looking for a sliding glass door with a dog door built into it.?”

    1. ladystang says:

      know they have one at petsmart to use with a sliding glass door.

    2. ragapple says:

      does require a glass shop in your area but…

    3. Pamela D. says:

      I think you have to special order them. Will cost a fortune tho.

    4. MamaBas says:

      Hum. I’d say you’d have to have something custom-made as I’ve never seen one, and how would the doors slide, with a dog door in them?

    5. Just me says:

      I’ve never seen one, only the panel that you put in with the doggy door in the bottom.

      Funny story about one of those…
      I knew someone with one and one night she heard her Chihuahua growling and barking in the middle of the night. She ran halfway down the stairs and saw her dog having a standoff with a raccoon!! She ran to save the dog/scare the raccoon and tripped down the last 2 stairs! She ended up breaking her ankle (not funny), but her commotion cause her husband to come running, which then scared the raccoon who ran back out the doggy door!
      The next day, her kids were going around telling everyone that their mom broke her ankle trying to save their dog from the ‘bandit’ in their house.

      So yeah…watch out with those doggie doors. You don’t want any unexpected visitors. 🙂

    6. LuLu says:


      Not sure if this helps, but you can always make your own door with a dog door in it.
      Or you can train the dog to open the door itself.

    7. Nekkid Truth! says:

      I dont think there is such a thing, unless you get one custom made somewhere (which will cost $$$$$)

      why not get an insert? That way if you find you no longer need the doggy door, you just remove the insert.

    8. Remenissions says:

      There is no such thing. All you can get is an insert or just cut a hole into the wall or a regular door.

    9. Don . says:

      There is no such thing.

    10. Jennifer M~ Got the Giggles says:


      They do make them. They don’t make them in Shankly size though, which is why I am stuck with an insert. 🙁