If your dog is allowed on the couch, what kind of cover do you use (if any)?


My dogs are happily allowed on the couch, but, well, Mastiffs are shedding, slobbering beasts. I can deal with that, but it gets to be a pain when you need to clean the entire couch when a mildly allergic friend visits. It would be convenient to start using a couch cover, but due to the couch’s shape and size, I couldn’t use a fitted one.

So, what material should I use? Maybe just bed sheets? Do you recommend a good kind of throw cover that I can just throw in the wash every few day?

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    11 Responses to “If your dog is allowed on the couch, what kind of cover do you use (if any)?”

    1. Manders says:

      I don’t cover my couch, but it’s pretty old, and nobody that comes over has allergies.

      My parents just bought some thin blankets that match the color of their couches pretty closely. Then when someone comes over, they can just take the blankets off. Check in any store that sells bedding.

    2. JenVT says:

      I have covers for my couch and love seat and they are this awesome stretchy material that washes easily. I also have a weird shaped couch and because the bottoms are all elastic, it doesn’t really matter.

    3. Jillian says:

      I have a Golden who is a big shedder. I put a blanket over the couch when I’m not home. Sometimes I’ll put my daughter’s small chairs up on the couch so she isn’t able to lay on it. I actually have 3 couches and only bother protecting the one.

      Sheets are a good idea.

    4. ms manners says:

      I just use big bath towels that are the same color as the couch.

      They absorb any stray liquids, and tend to hang onto the hair as well.

      Plus they are easy to wash.

    5. Erika ♥♥ Luv My Labs ♥♥ says:

      I have a cheap leather sofa – slobber on / wipe off.

    6. ♥Bailey♥ says:

      I just have a bunch of big huge throws that I cover the sofa with and just switch every few days to wash. With a Boxer, he’s constantly drooling and wiping slobber all over it, it’s just easier to have something I can grab off easy and toss in the washer!!

    7. Ashley says:

      I have 1 indoor dog and 3 indoor cats. I just have fleece blankets on my couches, covering the back and seat, that I wash once a week. When people come over I just take the blankets off and put them back on after or just fold the blanket down from the back of the couch, so they’re sitting on the clean side of the blanket.
      Really any kind of blanket or sheet could work.

    8. LovesHerMutts says:

      A bed sheet works best if they decide to slobber. Other wise, i use a lint roller to get the hair off the stray spots.

    9. Fruit loops says:

      Bed sheets would work, I have a dog too, but he is much, much smaller (see my pic?) and i only let him on the couch when hes not teird, beacuse when he is tierd, he drools. Alot! I suggest using Bed sheets or one of those Hair-roll on type things. Or you could just get your dog a little Matress type thingon floor, and sit with him there and just move it into the garage when your friend comes and visits.

    10. Aphrodite says:

      Originally when my puppy was messy on the couch, I just went to Walmart and bought a really cheap set of bed sheets. Then I just took the sheet and wrapped the cushions of the couch with it. It worked fine – easy to wash, cheap and pretty durable!

    11. Aduial says:

      I always let my dogs on the couch. But I lived with a roommate for a while that didn’t want hair on the couch so I just put a sheet over it. That way when she wanted to sit on the couch she just took it off and I put it on when I let my dog up. Keeps everyone happy.

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