If someone ALWAYS leaves his dog caged in with a pee pad and won't listen to me, what can I do?


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    9 Responses to “If someone ALWAYS leaves his dog caged in with a pee pad and won't listen to me, what can I do?”

    1. Andrew says:

      report him/her

    2. Jasmer says:

      Tell him that since he obviously doesn’t actually want the dog to get rid of it.

      Somebody who ACTUALLY wants a dog will at least go through the trouble of housebreaking it.

      Remind him that puppy mills are shut down for this sort of thing.

    3. KEELEY says:

      report him, if you have said something to him already then he is probably going to guess its you that has done it. you could try having a word again and tell him you are going to report him if he doesn’t sort it.

    4. crazie1812 says:

      call the cops make a scene and kill the guy

    5. Jerad says:

      He is right. If you feel this dog is being treated cruel than contact an animal cruelty person who can help.

    6. Cat says:

      Report him to your local animal cruelty prevention authority. You can do so "annoymously", in that your friend will not be told who reported him.

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do it. For the sake of the dog, for the sake of your own mental health. It will be your good deed for the year! PLEASE :S

    7. Sarah says:

      Simple report them.

    8. saxohunter says:

      Contact animal welfare asap

    9. Vad says:

      Make a complaint to the RSPCA or the SPCA or whatever its called in your country. Animal welfare.
      They will investigate and take action if it is needed.

      They take care of everything: the animals safety, checking up on the owner, legal action, re-homing animals if required.

      And the good thing is that they are very down to earth and sensible about it, so they wont just take the animal away from the owner if you happen to be wrong.

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