if one of my dogs is taller then the other how big should a door of a dog house be?


My do Duke is 25inches my girl is 21 inches
thats what I am going to do Galloping greys but also I want to crate like doors on it so I can put their food and water inside of it.
My dog house will have 2 doors not one
My dogs are never out when its too cold!

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8 Responses to “if one of my dogs is taller then the other how big should a door of a dog house be?”

  1. Blondie says:

    21×21 ,, would be a good size.. Duke can duck his head.. U don’t want it any bigger than necessary.. it will only let in more cold..

    all u have to do.. is get some clean vinyl from home depot.. or use a floor mat from Ur car.. and nail it up on the top of the roof.. let it hang down..

    it will close .. once they go in or.. they can open it them self if they want out..
    good luck..

  2. rainbobrite says:

    you should make it about 30 in long, cus keep in mind dogs run, & when their running to the dog house, they need room to jump in it

  3. Sunny-USA says:

    Just an FYI…dogs should NOT be left out when it’s too cold outside.
    At least 25"-28". & have it facing toward a side of the house/garage so the wind can’t blow in.

  4. katherina_pacheco says:

    a 28 inchs long

  5. Rachel says:

    Make the dog house 30 inch so that botch dogs can get in with exra room!!

  6. galloping . greys says:

    It would be really cool if you created two house doors for them.

    Edit: I would allow a two to three inch clearing for each dogs door.

  7. shortyx3 says:

    about 25 to 30 inches because you should want them to both come in and out.

  8. A Diva with Doggies© says:

    Make it 25 inches, any dogs that I have seen that want to go in a doghouse and the door happens to be small, just crawl in like nothing. 25 inches won’t be too small for your bigger dog.
    You shouldn’t make 2 doors, that will just cause drafts in the house and make it cold. Which will defeat the purpose of a doghouse. Its better to make two doghouses for two dogs. Its similar to having separate crates in the house while crate training. One dog needs it’s own personal little space to relax.