I want to train my dog to detect bed bugs. Where can I find a kit to teach him?


This is infact a real question. I don’t need him to find bed bugs in my house. But I want to train him to find them so I can take him to hotels. Same type of training for a narcotics dog. I just cannot seem to find a kit to lay the scent.

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4 Responses to “I want to train my dog to detect bed bugs. Where can I find a kit to teach him?”

  1. DAWN T says:

    My dog can find bugs from a mile away and she is only 6 months old. I am not sure how you would train them to find bugs.

  2. buffettsims says:

    is this a serious question? Your bed will double or triple its weight in your lifetime because of bed bugs. There is no avoiding them. You live with them, they live with you.

  3. dorothy s says:

    Forget this, just spray your dog and the bed with a kind and harmless solution. I have trained dogs forever, thankfully there have never been fleas or bed bugs in my house. Nevertheless I cannot imagine how I would train a dog to detect bed bugs.

    Instead try using a kind and harmless solution to prevent fleas.There are lots of treatments for killing and preventing fleas, they are full of nasty chemicals and they are expensive. I make up a solution for my dogs which prevents fleas, although it is also said to kill fleas I have no experience of this because my dogs have never had fleas. Also ticks die on arrival. .

    Use a few drops of Citricidal and essential oils of Citronella, Tea Tree and Lavender. Add this to half a pint of vinegar or water and sponge a small amount onto your dog’s coat. I use this every week.