i want my dog to to do his potty business in the pad i bought for him please help!! he dosent stop!?

i want my dog to to do his potty business in the pad i bought for him please help!! he dosent stop!?


he is a cocker poodle he is 4 years old he used to pee in his spot but now he goes all over the house he is a household dog and we want him to stop doing it every where please help! he is scared of almost anything(help if thats a problem) he is happy always happy when he see’s us he is always happy please help we want to help him and help us from cleaning!!!!!!!

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7 Responses to “i want my dog to to do his potty business in the pad i bought for him please help!! he dosent stop!?”

  1. ThatLabGuy says:

    You said he is always happy and scared.

    Does he want some training? even just a review of the basics might help get things back in order.

    I know your trying to address the potty issue but short of a health problem training forms the bond and lets him know how to please the master. Im hoping thats you.

    Many books, articles, and courses on different types of training on the site below.

    good luck

  2. Eden Bitch says:

    haha.. well there is only 1 way to re-train a dog… and it is the way thir mothers do!!!! Ive been around animals all my life– previously lived on a farm- and the way you teach them to urinate where you want them to, is well, this might sound off is taking them to the spot u want then 2 urinate and -using a tissue or something- you have to stimulate them, it tells them that they need 2 go 2 the toilet. It might sound crazy but if you ask your vet about it he will infact tell you its true!!!! good luck!!

  3. doxie says:

    I’m picking up on the "he is scared of almost anything", why is this. He must have some kind of social issues. Talk to the vet to make sure it is not a bladder infection. Males can get them too.

  4. babygal111 says:

    Make sure he is neutered. Keep him confined in one room with the pad and treat him when he uses it. Keep him on the leash when he is walking around the house. If you catch him in the act of peeing or pooing the floor, say no take him to the pad. If the dog peed or pooed the floor and he is finished, you cant punish him, he wont know what u
    are trying the discipline him about. Just clean it up with nature’s Miracle spray.

  5. Scott G says:

    Has anything changed at your house? Are you away more than you used to be? You dog could be having some separation anxiety which would cause it to temporarily lose control of his bladder. If you’re spending less time with your dog than you used to then that could be the problem. If nothing in your dogs life has changed than it could have a physical problem because dogs simply dont forget that they have been potty trained, especially after 4 years. When your dog does pee does it look unconfortable or in pain? It could be kidney stones or any number of other problems.

    A trip to the vet might be a good idea, because like I said before, dogs dont just become unpotty trained for no reason. Even if your dog is in perfect health the vet should be able to help you find out why exactly your dog is no longer using his peepads.

  6. neckbitingvamp says:

    why dont you take him to the vet maybe there is an issue to where he cant hold it….and cant control his bladder….a dog ususally doesnt do this ..was there an other male in the house..they ussually mark theit territory….if none of those then take to vet…goodluck

  7. sebs112 says:

    You said he used to pee in his spot, did something happen to traumatize him? Have you visited the vet? Perhaps there’s something wrong with your dog.

    If he’s ok, you’re going to have to start from the beginning…crate training, or confining him to one part of the house like the kitchen. Watch him like a hawk and take him out every time he eats/drinks. Don’t keep water down unless you can take him out.

    Regarding the wee-wee pads, there’s a urine spray you can buy that attracts dogs & puppies to a particular spot. The spray stinks to high hell but it is effective. Spray some down on the wee wee pad and take him to the spot so he can sniff it. Tell him "go potty" every time he uses the pad and reward (treat, praise, or toy).