i still would like suggestions on what to name my gardens?


i have two gardens close to eachother,that have both vegies and fl0wers.we live out in country on ten acers.large white house,barn.chickens,horse,dogs,cat.and a Heart shaped pond.Bird houses and feeders.

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    9 Responses to “i still would like suggestions on what to name my gardens?”

    1. cdt says:

      His and Hers

    2. jobaby says:

      How about Daisy and Lily or ROse and Lily or any two combinations that sound like girl"s names or Green Acres and Greener Pastures?

    3. BARRIE says:

      We call ours ‘Cat Shit Alley’ for obvious reasons. You could call yours ‘Worm Casts Garden’? Or, if you have lots of birds (I personally like this one) ‘Guanoland’.

    4. mandp says:

      Happy Acres or your name, such as

      Smiths Little Acres

      Smiths Country Garden.

    5. ever1wolf says:

      I’m on a break from trimming palm trees and this is silly,,,forgive me. How about "In Lieu of,,,Gardens" Just in case at some point the GARDEN doesn’t look like it exists?

      Ok I asked for it.

      Rev. Steven

    6. doglady says:

      You could try any couples names, such as Mutt and Jeff, Ben and Jerry, Mickey and Minnie. Just use your imagination and have fun with it. Good luck.

    7. linda w says:

      Usually, if one wishes to have named gardens, there needs to be a theme. For example, mostly white flowering/white accented leaves, would be called the White Garden. One featuring shade plants would be the Shade Garden. At my home, I have the following: Wildflower garden, Front garden, Rock garden, Back and Front Shade Garden, and Kyle’s garden. You could plant your favorite veges and flowers in one and call it by your name, and feature your spouse or a childs favorites in the other and call it by their name. In the event that neither garden has specific attributes, you could call them your summer gardens. Or change the shapes into something specific, such as a cross, heart, etc. and name them that. Your options are endless. Have FUN coming up with your names. That’s the most important part.

    8. JAMES M H says:

      How bout GARDEN A & GARDEN B!

    9. toby61565 says:

      Chickadee Lane, Green Acres, Cozy Country Garden, Rustic Vista, Hummingbird Wayside Garden, Wayside Retreat, Wayside Garden, Rolling Acres, Stay and Sit a Spell Retreat, Farm Fresh Country Garden, Bird and Butterfly Retreat, Sunny Brook, Song Bird Garden, Sun and Song Garden, The Nature Preserve, The Perserve, Garden of Love, Garden of the Birds and Bees, Garden of Eatin’. I really like Farm Fresh Country Garden.

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