I put dog poop in stryofoam cup and placed it at bottom of stairs?

I put dog poop in stryofoam cup and placed it at bottom of stairs?


Yeah that’s right. Did I go too far? I live in an apartment complex, and I have a little yard, common area
outside of my apartment. I live on the first floor. The people on the third floor have a dog who comes down a couple times a day with its owner. He poops. They leave and go back upstairs .I am sick of
walking through this minefield. The apartment management doesn’t think it is their job to pick it up.
So today I went out and filled a cup with poop until it was brimming over. (I used a spoon to put it in the cup). I placed the cup with brimming cup at the bottom of the stairs (but not in the walking path)
of people coming down the stairs, which is primarily the dog people on the third floor. Will the sight of the poop filled cup infuriate them? Was it rude of me? I also marked "poop" on the outside of the cup in black marker. Your thoughts, please.
(i always choose B.A)

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    9 Responses to “I put dog poop in stryofoam cup and placed it at bottom of stairs?”

    1. rex from shitzu puppies says:

      I think it is best to talk with the dog owner (in a civilized and nice manner). Show to to him what really is happening. If nothing happens after your conversation, put the poop near at their door. But do this only when the owner is not there. hahaha. Take care.

    2. Sid says:

      I don’t think it was rude of you. They’re lucky you didn’t just dump a big pile of it right at the bottom of the stairs, or better yet, right in front of their door! You’re mad–with good reason! I’m a dog lover and I hate it when fellow owners don’t pick up after their pets. It gives the rest of us a bad name. See what happens after this. If the minefield continues, you may need to talk to these people face to face, or at least leave them a note somewhere.
      At the bus stop where my son catches the bus, there was always dog poop right on the sidewalk each day. One of the other Mom’s got so fed up, she wrote a simple note "Attention dog owners. Please pick up after your pet". She taped it to the lamp post. Haven’t seen nearly as much poop since.

    3. Jennifer says:

      I seriously doubt that if they don’t care about other people navigating their way through their dog’s waste that they are going to care that someone is trying to give them a hint. I know how you feel, it’s the same way where I live. Some people are responsible and some don’t care what they do. Have you spoke to the dog owners? Anyway, good luck… maybe they’ll move soon.

    4. jєssє says:

      You should put it in front of there door, if you know which one it is and have a note saying clean your dogs shit up from the yard :]

    5. Kri says:

      Yeah, haha. That’s pretty good. If they don’t respond- put it in front of their door.

    6. David D says:

      I like it! Why not just go one step further. Take the cup to the owner of the dog’s apartment and leave it outside of his door! They would have nothing to complain about.

    7. ? says:

      Lol nice, should put it in front of their door x]

    8. GWR309 says:

      haha great idea

    9. Pamela D. says:

      Should have put it front of their door with a note attached to it saying you are tired of cleaning up their dogs poops.