I need to how train my dog!?


I have a 2 year old poodle and I adopted him about half a year ago. He only likes to pee outside. He’ll hold it forever and finally pee somewhere in the house. I have pee pads but for some reason he doesn’t want to go there. I tried crate training but he’ll go crazy in the crate. I need help because I want to just go on the pads!!! PLEASE HELP!! What should I do?

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3 Responses to “I need to how train my dog!?”

  1. Pawsitive Thinking says:

    Of course he’ll go crazy in a crate, that must be conditioned to use, and for a limited time. Try having a small area for the dog, like a bathroom or laundry room, or build an exercise pen (they have these gates at pet stores). Have toys, water, and the bed in that area, where the dog stays unless you are watching him every moment.
    Put pee pads down over the entire area so there are no mistakes. Eventually you can lead him to the one area you want him to use for the pads. Praise him if he goes on the pads in front of you.
    Remember having him learn to both go outside and pee pads is very confusing for the dog.
    Try putting grass and dirt on the pee pads to help make it feel a bit like outside.
    Good luck

  2. vomlicht says:

    Well. Poodles are intelligent dogs. He could be having pecking order problems, or he is mad at you. Have you trained him at all? Start spending 20 minutes a day training him with hotdog slices or cheese, make him sit before you give him food and water. Does he have toys? Take them away, and only let him play when YOU want him to have the toys, this way he knows the toys actually belong to you, after a while this wont matter. As for the crate, when you put him in let him go in on his own, go to the grocery store and get marrow bones (the soup bones?) when you bait him to go in, say "crate/box" or whatever command you want to use. If he wont go in on his own, make him. If he still freaks out, leave him in there for only 10-20 minutes, increase time when he adjusts to it.

  3. bobsagetfosho says:

    Why do you want him to just go on the pads? Its natural for a dog to want to use the bathroom outside. That’s where all the good smells are!! Some dogs can’t distinguish between the pads and the rest of your house. By teaching a dog to use newspapers or pee pads, you’re essentially saying "It’s ok to go in the house." If he likes to pee outside, let him pee outside!! It’s only natural.