I need help with training my dog not to jump the couch?



I have adopted a 1.5 year old toy poodle. I had her for almost a week now. Everytime she jumps at me when I’m standing, I ignore her until she stops and then praise her. That works pretty good already. However, if she wants my attention while I’m sitting on the couch, she would either put her paws on my knees or jump beside my and lays down. I have never allowed her to be on the couch. So how am I supposed to react?
When she puts her paws on my knees it’s easy to ignore her, but when she jumps beside me and lays down I say off, (she knows off already). Sometimes she thinks it’s a game and would jump off and on and off and on. What can I do? Ignoring her when she sits besides my on the couch would teach her that I tolerate it.
Thanks in advance.

P.S. she has her bed right beneath the couch and lies there most of the time.

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    2 Responses to “I need help with training my dog not to jump the couch?”

    1. Shadow says:

      Smack it with a wooden spoon and scream at the top of your lungs at it

    2. Elena Bach says:

      Just tell her "NO!" in a deep voice and take her off the couch and put her in her bed and then praise her. She will soon start to catch on. Good luck!