I need help with my dog and potty training!?


I have a yorkie and her bladder is becoming an issue between me and my boyfriend….. he just made her an outside dog (in her cage) because i cant potty train her…. i have done everything thing….. crate training and rewarding and even doing the puppy pads….. she will do good for a week or so and then stop…. shes 3 years old so i know its going to be harder but her bladder is so small i cant take her out when she needs to go….

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One Response to “I need help with my dog and potty training!?”

  1. ca-137 says:

    try getting a small bell to hook onto the door you take her through when she goes out. teach her that when she needs to go potty, she should ring the bell with her nose or paw to let you know. or teach her to come to you and bark when she needs to go. it sounds like she has a good idea that she’s not supposed to go inside, but she just finds it more convenient to go inside, doesn’t understand why she shouldn’t go inside, or just can’t hold it. good luck