I need a small dog that will make a great lapdog and fellow couch potato?

I need a small dog that will make a great lapdog and fellow couch potato?


I am very inactive, healthy weight and all, so I want a sweet little lapdog that will make a good fellow couch potato that will want to sit by me most of the day and just chill with me.
Preferably a toy or small breed because my house is too small for a large dog. I want an affectionate, sweet and cute. One with short hair with not a lot of grooming needs is a must as well.

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15 Responses to “I need a small dog that will make a great lapdog and fellow couch potato?”

  1. WyrDachsie says:

    I see someone recommended a dachshund. Sorry, but a dachshund is not a good choice for you. Though dachshunds like to be with their people, they are actually quite energetic and since they are hunting dogs, have a lot of energy. A dachshund that doesn’t get out frequently, will become a frustrated, barking, nasty critter.

    Please consider any other toy breed, like the Shih Tzu, Pekingese etc. Not a dachshund.

  2. Megan J says:

    A pomeranian is perfect for you.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Where do you live? I’ll be right there!!!!! 🙂

  4. Roxie says:

    I share my couch with a schnauzer/poodle mix, a cocker/springer spaniel mix, 2 chihuahuas and a cat. All are affectionate and want their petting time. Even short hair needs combed or brushed, though.
    Maybe check a humane society and look around. I bet there is a set of eyes there that are waiting for you and would love to share your couch. Unless your dog is going to "be on your lap", then even a med sized dog can be a couch potato.

  5. Labluf says:

    A dog might not be the best thing. Most toy dogs are actually more energetic and hyper then large dogs, as most toy dogs are bred for chasing/digging out small prey ((Like terriers and poodles)). Shitzhus at the only toy dogs that where origionally bred for the sake of being companions, not hunters/herders/guards etc, and while they need more grooming then some other breeds, their heads-start on house friendly breeding lines makes them a better choice, as they generally aren’t as hyper as other dogs, and generally don’t need as much excersize. ((Keep in mind each individual is differnt, and every dog needs a walk at least twice a day.))

    Chihuahua’s are good lap dogs, and some have very short hair. However, they need a lot more excersize, and have more energy then the shitzhu. They are also more fragile, and you’ll need to be more carefull with one in the house. It’s not hard to kill a chihuahua, and there are a lot of cases of birds flying off, other dogs attacking, people stepping on them, people sitting, and a child accidently hugging them to death (crushing them).

    Toy poodles are pretty good for grooming, as they don’t shed much, and mostly all you need to do is clip their fur every once in a while, and comb it two-three times a week to keep away matting. However, they have even more energy then a chihuahua, and are generally dog-agressive. Poodles have a tendency to be stand-offish, and only let their owner’s hold them ((Generally)), so they aren’t excactly lap dogs. These dogs where breed for retrieving and hunting, so you’ll need to take them on more walks to keep them healthy.

    Yorkies are good dogs, and like poodles don’t shed much, but they need their fur clipped, and combs as well. They where bred for the same purpose as terriers, and will need a lot of excersize. They have even more energy then a poodle, but they make better lap dogs.

    Shiba-inu’s are hunting dogs, and thus, tend to be energetic and need excersize. They don’t have as much grooming needs as a yorkie or a poodle, though. Like a poodle, they tend to be stand-offish.

    I don’t suggest any terriers, as almost all need a /lot/ of excersize, and have a /lot/ of energy. Pappalions are the same with more grooming needs and quicker speed then most terriers.

    Keep in mind differnt dog’s act differntly. A good part of their personality is developed in their first six months, which is the time you need to get the important training and socilization in. Puppies are also very hard work, and if you don’t feel like running around after one, I suggest you look at adult dogs. Puppys are potential, and when getting a puppy, the general behavior of the breed is important, as it’ll prepare you for what to expect. Dogs are what IS, and so you don’t need the generalization as much. Getting a dog that’s already trained, and already has a personality that fits you will be a better choice then getting a puppy based off a breeds general statistics.

  6. Sam Spayed says:

    Shih Tzus, Pomeranians and Pekingese all have a lot of hair.

    A pug sounds perfect for you. There’s nothing they like better than to sit on the couch with you while you’re watching TV or reading (well, the only thing they like better is to share your popcorn with you at the same time). They don’t need a lot of exercise, although they do enjoy a nice walk if the weather is fine (neither too hot nor too cold).

    They are indiscriminately affectionate, and sweet with a touch of impishness (I suppose "cute" is in the eye of the beholder).

    They are completely indoor dogs, however, and they do shed a shocking amount for a short-haired dog.

  7. Jordyn H says:

    All of those answers are great but I would recomend a bichon frise. They are adorable and they are hypoallergenic! which means hardly any shedding, They’re easily trained, very intellegent, and loyal beyond belief. Oh and they have an rep for good health. A second option I would recomend is a dachshund. A.K.A a weiner dog. Also intellegent, and loyal. Although they are prone to back problems, Good Luck!

  8. Jenny Manyteeth says:

    Actually, you described the Pekingese until you got to hair.
    Most toys will be happy staying with you all day; they were created for the purpose of companionship. Lok here, and see which breed appeals to you:


  9. grahammnm1@sbcglobal.net says:

    Shih Tzu is a great dog, if you keep them in a puppy cut you do not have tons of grooming to do, once a day with a brush and that is it. THey are great little dogs, love to cuddle, and a personality that does not stop.

  10. Bett says:

    I suggest you get a cat. As they never need walking & you can keep them inside all day. A dog needs to be walked every day regardless of its size & if you are an inactive person you may not be able to meet the dogs needs.

  11. Nicole Fritz says:

    my dog is a white fox misx with pomerian only kind too she is small lazy and is having puppys

  12. ♦Dalmatian Appreciation♦ says:

    Italian Greyhound.

    Short coat, small, loves nothing more than being with it’s owner.

  13. Tiana says:

    Pomeranian is the perfect dog for you

  14. sillychicken says:

    shit zhu or however u spell it my grandma has one and i love beign with it, i feel that breed senses ur emotions and changes on it.

  15. Christopher S says:

    Adopt a shelter or rescue dog that is grown, but young. You’ll know the size and temperment and can find a great lapdog to lay around with you.