I have had my dog 6 weeks now. She is a 5 month old Malti-Tzu.?


When I call her to come , she comes but as I reach out to pick her up she bounces away. I think she is trying to play.

When I’m standing and I call her, she runs. I guess she wants me to chase her.


Also , Using wee wee pads with her. Not much success. Keep her confined to bathroom and crate trained. Want to be albe to let her run and teach her how to use wee wee pad when we are visiting or traveling or outside. Help. She only weighs 5 lbs and is smart and cute.

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    4 Responses to “I have had my dog 6 weeks now. She is a 5 month old Malti-Tzu.?”

    1. dracula745 says:

      It’ll take a little time for her to get used to using the pads and going outside, but when she jumps away and runs around she does want you to chase and play with her. My youngest doug is about 7 months and he’s a minuature fox terrior he comes to me and then jumps away but it’s just because puppies are very playful. Malti-Tzu’s are very playful dogs by nature and they need a companion who will pet and groom her because they enjoy that. They are intelligent and easy to train but they are very strong willed. Just give it time and if you have anymore questions about your dog it would be a good idea to ask your veterinarian or if you have a petsmart around where you live you could go there they know a lot about pets

      Hope this helps a little

    2. rallman@sbcglobal.net says:

      She weighs only five pound you must look like a gaint to her. Get on floor with her and spend as much time holding her and playind with her. Also get her started on leash. You should do very well with this dog.

    3. frecklgirl145 says:

      it’s hard to train a puppy! and she still is a puppy until she’s about a year old. She may run from you because she is a little intimidated by your size when you are standing. House breaking takes consitency….stick with one thing at a time or it will confuse her. Try putting the pads in the crate, but she will probably just chew them and make a mess or get hurt.
      as far as traveling with her, you have to be aware that dogs are like children. just because we love them and think they are cute, other people might not…

    4. knowsitall says:

      When she comes to you DON"T reach out to her.
      PRAISE her and praise her and praise her but do not reach out to her.
      It sounds like she may be afraid of your hands. NEVER hit her with your hnd or anything else.
      YOu can do everything with your tone of voice.
      When she does what you want say over and over good girl, good dog in a very sweet happy voice.
      When she does what you do not want lower you voice and say bad dog, NO.
      Just say that once.
      I think your dog is afraid of getting hit.
      Also, play more with her so she won’t be trying to play. Have ten minutes every day of training using only you VOICE to tell her good or bad. After TEN minutes of this, say in a happy voice OK GOOD GIRL!!!
      And play with her the way she wants to play for at least 20 minutes or lots more if possible. Do this every day the same way. Training for only ten minutes then LOTS of play.
      NEVER hit her ever or she will only fear you.

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