I have a massive slug problem in my flower bed. What can I use to kill them quickly? ?

I have a massive slug problem in my flower bed. What can I use to kill them quickly? ?


I noticed it earlier this spring now the slimy creatures are eating my roses and my pansies. They wont touch my begonias or geraniums which is good. I have no pets, I don’t eat my plants and my kids aren’t allowed to dig in the flower bed. What is cheap, won’t kill my plants and works? I am referring to pellets or poison, I don’t have the patience for homeopathic remedies.

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13 Responses to “I have a massive slug problem in my flower bed. What can I use to kill them quickly? ?”

  1. Dave says:

    Try Slug Shields. I used them last season and they worked. Great thing is that they are 100% eco-friendly and they LAST ALL SEASON without maintenance! I got them online.

    Iron Phosphate pellets contain EDTA which has a very toxic effect – that is why it works! Listed as “other ingredient” in this country…

    Good luck!

  2. Emmaean says:

    Sprinkle diatomaceous earth throughout the garden. It is like thousands of tiny razor blades that slice the slugs up. All natural too. I used to have terrible slugs before I did this. Haven’t seen one in years.

  3. BECKY E says:

    Beer in alumn. pie tins over night. They are attracted to the smell, and not be able to craw out. I do it all of the time even for my lawn. At first my neighbors thought I was nuts, but found out it really works!!!

  4. Mr. Mole says:

    The slugs are there because they like what you are growing, and they have the shade during the day. Containerise the roses, and get rid of the Pansies. Now they have no food store. Now grow more Geraniums and Begonia’s. With the food store gone the slugs will emigrate to greener pastures, and it wont cost you a penny/dime.

  5. danchevz says:

    The best solution to snails is to kill them using "Deadline" this has been the most effective insecticide I have found for snails.

  6. simm101 says:

    Get a pint glass with some beer in it dig a hole and put it in. Level the ground around it and see how many dead slugs you have the next day.

  7. googler_47 says:

    If you put some seaweed in your flower beds they will keep the slugs away. Xx

  8. stuntman mike says:

    Sprinkle salt around the edges of your flower bed.

  9. just_c0wb0y says:

    yup salt

  10. Rain says:

    there is a type of cannabilistic snail that kills snails and (i think) slugs. you just let em loose and they take care of business.

  11. Scene Kid says:

    Uhh.. Slug Killer.

  12. Rosa B says:

    salt kills slugs

  13. meanolmaw says:

    look for a slug and snail BAIT that contains IRON PHOSPHATE… it will take care of the problem…. the slugs eat it, it fouls up their digestive processes and they crawl away to die under a rock…. no dead bodies!!…. the IRON PHOSPHATE is harmless to kids and pets and wildlife…. it turns to fertilizer if not eaten by slugs…. you have to reapply about every three weeks or so thru the growing season….. but there’s lots FEWER every time you do….this stuff really works…..

    do not use SALT…. salt poisons the soil… the only time you’d ever use salt is if the slug is on the sidewalk or porch and you just wanna watch it squirm and melt and DIE!!!…. ooh… sorry….

    many baits are available… but only a few contain IRON PHOSPHATE as the killer ingredient… the other types are toxic to all living things… so be sure of what you are buying!!….

    there are off brands, too, but the most well known are Slug-go and Escar-go….