I Eat Dog Food for Nitro’s Law: Day 1


I am eating dog food every day, starting February 1, 2011, and posting a video diary of it on YouTube every single day until Nitro’s Law gets reintroduced to the Ohio House of Representatives. Nitro’s Law, formerly known as House Bill 70 in Ohio, would increase the penalty to a fifth degree felony for egregious acts of animal cruelty by the animal’s caretaker, punishable by a year in jail per count. According to the Humane Society of the United States, Ohio ranks 45th in the nation for animal cruelty laws. The need for tougher laws in this state became an issue after 7 dead and 12 starving dogs were discovered in October of 2008 at High Caliber K-9, a boarding kennel in Youngstown, OH. Nitro, a beloved pet Rottweiler, was left in the care of that facility while his human family attended to a sick family member out of state. The facility owner, Steve Croley, was sentenced to four months in jail and a small fine after only four misdemeanor charges were pursued. He did, however, have his American Kennel Club privileges revoked for 10 years, and the AKC fined him 00.00. This isn’t just a local issue; it’s a national issue. This didn’t happen in my home state, but as someone who speaks up for animals, I consider them all in my backyard. Animals don’t vote, but their owners do. If this can happen in Ohio, it can happen anywhere, and it’s important for people to be aware of the laws in their state. Only 4 states in the nation do not consider animal cruelty a felony, and only

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    17 Responses to “I Eat Dog Food for Nitro’s Law: Day 1”

    1. Zagnaphein says:

      Good Job You got Greece’s support dear!

    2. stealthgear says:

      Thank you for this. I have a dog just like nitro, but cuter, so it made me really sad. I think animal abusers are similar to child abusers. Thank you Nikki! I shared this on my FB.

    3. BuddyThePuggy says:

      Go Nikki ! Woof!

    4. xUNDERxOATHx777 says:

      This is really amazing. I fully support Nitro’s Law, and everyone who is passing this for our state. I hate knowing we’re in the bottom of the states for animal cruelty.

      Everyone can also add


    5. bx9z says:


    6. sticks2string says:

      Sharing this on FB. I don’t think me eating OUR dogs’ food will impress anyone, since we make fresh, yummy food for them here at home from people food. LOL People would say, “So what!” if we eat ground turkey or beef with veggies, fruit, and rice or sweet potatoes. 😉 But I will support you by sharing your stand and by praying for a change in the law. Hugs to you and your 3 sweet pooches! Bon appetit!!!

    7. Sarazratpack says:

      Love that your doing this.. I would never do it tho lol

    8. NikkiMoustaki says:

      @WigziPets Thanks, Wigzi! Maybe I should put the food into Wigzi balls for one of the videos. 🙂

    9. WigziPets says:

      Unfortunately I think Nikki will be eating dog food for a long time because politicians are slow to react. I think she’s doing something great for dogs and more power to her and others who may join her fight.

    10. NikkiMoustaki says:

      @catcooks123 Thank you so much!

    11. NikkiMoustaki says:

      @momokat14 Crazy may work! 🙂

    12. NikkiMoustaki says:

      @ollieann33 Many thanks!!!

    13. NikkiMoustaki says:

      @gabbykathi Thank you!!! Want to get on board with me? I’m wiling to be the only kook eating dog food for Nitro’s Law, but it would be nice to have company on the loony train! LOL!

    14. gabbykathi says:


    15. ollieann33 says:

      Shared : ) Hopefully this will get their attention & pass Nitro’s Law! best of luck <3

    16. momokat14 says:

      I think what your doing is crazy but in all honesty we have to get crazy to deal with crazy. Thank you for what you are doing!

    17. catcooks123 says:

      Sharing with all our clients, Facebook friends and twitter followers . Best of luck!