I am moving to the US from Japan with my dogs. What product will keep them hydrated?


I am in the military and I have two dogs. One is a 3 year old Shiba inu mix, and the other is a 5 month old weimaraner pit bull mix. I currently live in Japan but will be moving to Ft. Hood soon. The flight will take at least 10 hours, and probably more. Does any one know of any product that I could order over the internet that would keep their food and water from spilling in their kennels during the flight?
I am concerned that they may get sick from dehydration. This will be the first time they have traveled for such a long time with out a break, or being let out of their kennel. Has any one else done this or had any experience?

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    1. Joe R says:

      I do not have any personal experience but I did some searching around.

      You want to treat your dog exactly like you would want to be treated. For example you want to let them walk around before hand for stretching/exercise. This also has the benefit of helping your dog be tired and napping during the trip.

      You want to feed within 4 hours of leaving, but do not over feed them. Being over fed may cause nausea and vomiting on the flight.

      Airline employees are required to feed pets every 24 hours unless they are puppies or older pets in which case it is every 12 hours. (Sounds to me like if you feed your pets beforehand you should be a-okay) The cutoff for puppies is 16 weeks old by the way.

      You also want to put feeding directions and identifying information ON the kennel. You don’t know for sure what is going to happen and there may be delays, and that is when the law requiring them to feed pets kicks in. Having that information on the kennel saves problems.

      In fact, federal law REQUIRES you feed your pets 4 hours prior to boarding.

      Hope this helps!

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