How to Train Puppies : How to Feed Puppy Dogs


Tips on what and how often to feed a puppy in this expert video featuring a professional dog trainer. Expert: Elise McMahon Bio: Elise McMahon has a Ph.D. in animal behavior, and has been working with both domestic and wild dogs since the early 1990s. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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    25 Responses to “How to Train Puppies : How to Feed Puppy Dogs”

    1. JU663RNAU7 says:

      haha @ joeschmojo
      but deem thats a lot of food

    2. dansamazingquickies9 says:

      i thought berries shut down dogs livers

    3. versatilechicken says:

      i think this is pretty good diet raw meat is fine for dogs its what they would eat in the wild though not necesssary for blueberries

    4. joeschmojo says:

      15 minutes ago the dog was licking its asshole, now I’m going to spend $45 on feeding it 3 times a day. How about just a decent dry food and be done with it?

    5. Justme2simply says:

      wt the hell 😐
      r u shore thats not a way to kill ur dog :

    6. SummerMurphy12 says:

      shut up i dont see you guy make vids so back off nice vid

    7. KEPS087 says:

      she’s stupid…

    8. mud437 says:

      what a crunchry…

    9. mileydelgado says:

      thats not how to feed a puppy its “how to make your dog poop”

    10. regnig87 says:

      Did she just put the spoon from the raw meat into the yogurt? Disgusting!! That yogurt now belongs solely to the dog. Yuck!

    11. OZMX says:

      wtf my vet told me no meat

    12. nastaseemil says:

      Feed people like that not dogs

    13. elirification says:

      can’t see a shit, captain!

    14. breyercrazy789 says:

      @axrt you should give it a forth of that

    15. breyercrazy789 says:

      @heronmusic2000 i think raw carrots and fresh meat

    16. breyercrazy789 says:

      @jakedidger the raw meat gives more energy and is good for picky eaters, dog food gives calcium and biluds strong teath, and yogert is good calcium

    17. Nueztoy says:

      Is his for a velociraptor puppy?

    18. LookFierce says:

      Is this Saturday Night Live? I would never feed my puppy raw meat..Thia has got to be a joke..hahaha very funny

    19. Gerf2Gerf says:

      damn i feel bad for the puppy it has to eat blueberries and turkey together =[

    20. jakedidger says:

      is this a frigan joke raw meat yogurt and dog food all mixed? realy?

    21. vinnypharmacist says:

      Raw meat? It is not good. What about tapeworm and bacteria? Consult a parasitologist!

    22. purplefluffylion says:

      their puppies not pigs lol

    23. caterma123 says:

      that is so STUPID u gave the dog like to much food why whould u give a puppy that kind of food

    24. mrAndy45656 says:

      shes boring

    25. heronmusic2000 says:

      are the carrots raw, or boiled from frozen?? Also, the same question about the turkey meat??