How to Train Puppies : Crate Training Puppy Dogs


Tips on putting your puppy in a crate and how to help them adjust in this expert video featuring a professional dog trainer. Expert: Elise McMahon Bio: Elise McMahon has a Ph.D. in animal behavior, and has been working with both domestic and wild dogs since the early 1990s. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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    20 Responses to “How to Train Puppies : Crate Training Puppy Dogs”

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    3. Justme2simply says:

      the one with the blue shirt is better

    4. emmsaninja says:


    5. sundowner701 says:

      @grandajoe69 No way! Is this grandajoe69??? How have you been? I just saw your mother in a video, what she did to a burro was
      a-m-a-z-i-n-g! It must run in the family.

    6. steven3233 says:

      How does expertvillage manage to put out so much crappy material.

    7. IceeJC says:

      That was an epic fail

    8. du2193 says:

      for puppies I heard you should not have blankets in the crate for the beginning as they like to urinate on soft absorbent materials

    9. mrAndrewR1 says:

      @ryancarter86 we just got our puppy husky a few days ago and have started crate training the first night, we let him walk in his crate and leave him there while we sleep. he whines for about an hour then sleeps. we allways take him out just before bed time, am i doing the right thing?

    10. ryancarter86 says:

      so THAT’S what a crate is. Just so people know, since this video didnt say anything. Have the crate big enough that the dog can circle in it, but not so big that he doesnt fell safe. He like a small secure enviornment.

      ***ans always associate the crate with relaxation, not excited behavior. otherwise they will scrath and whine to get out. message me if you ahve questions

    11. ZOMFGitsben says:


    12. MrElleanor09 says:

      why doesnt anyone say what size their crates are? like inches??….:(

    13. ssjtin says:

      This comment had me laughing big time.

    14. maydarren101 says:

      wow, it has a latch and a hook, and it closes, i feel so informed right now, i must go crate train my puppy now!!!

    15. grandajoe69 says:

      she is the only dog i can see in the video

    16. exonerator says:

      where’s the effin puppy

    17. eagoodwin1 says:

      i tried putting my dog in a crate but he would escape from it somehow

    18. swishthis says:

      thanks for doing the nice video

    19. oyeflaten says:

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    20. derrja83 says:

      I really liked the video, very informative. I have a little advice though, there is too much black in the video, your shirt, the crate, and the mat for the puppy all kind of blend together , try using more contrasting colors. Great video, my roommate needs to see this one, thanks.