How to train my dog not to be on my way when I walk to the door or to the drive way?


when I go out from the door to the dive way always my dog walk either in front of me or stop in front of me and that is annoying me, I need help to know how to train him not to be in my way

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    6 Responses to “How to train my dog not to be on my way when I walk to the door or to the drive way?”

    1. azn_vuong says:

      teach it to "heel". Whenever you go to take him out for a walk or feed him or anything, teach him to wait behind you while you open the door and don’t let him run out before you are out.

    2. W M says:

      I love my Rottenweiller but he loves me/us so much that he insists on being in the way very often.
      I have fallen down the stairs and tripped over him several times, and it is very difficult to cook dinner with him always finding the middle of the floor in the kitchen to occupy. I too have gotten very frustrated with him being under my feet constantly but I know it is because he loves me. He is quite the spoiled dog, but he is very well behaved, and when I talk to him, I talk to him like he is an intelligent dog.

      If I am displeased with him I tell him in both tone and text (words). The look on his face shows instant understanding most of the time, same for when he does something good. At first before he understood what "Get out of the way!" meant, I would tell him "get out of the way!" and would keep walking on my intended course. If I ran into the dog, I would say it again, and while I walked into him I would carefully push him out of my way. Don’t kick the dog just push them out of the way with your legs while you are walking. My Rott is almost 3 now, it took a few months to school him but he knows what it means to "Get out of the way." If he’s standing on a rug or something that I need to move of pick up I just simply tell him to "Get off of the rug", and he moves, I don’t have to yell or get all upset.
      Teaching your dog to heel may help. At least when he hears "Heel" he has a reference or standard behavior he knows to comply with, at your right side with his head next to your thigh. This way he isn’t confused as to what to do or where to go with a vague command like "Move" or "Get out of the way".

    3. AlwaysWondering says:

      i used to be considerate of my pooches but i found i was always getting out of THEIR way, so i stopped stopping and stopped going around them. if they were walking around me i just kept on walking and bumping into them saying MOVE! (my dogs have been large dogs and i am a small person). they eventually got the hint and moved the heck out of the way lol. now when they see me coming they move. still follow me, but they move out of the way 🙂 i wouldnt do this to a dog who is sitting or laying down tho. thats not nice.

    4. yeeming_85 says:

      Say "go" in a loud voice and use your hands to "shoo" it to a side.
      Then pat it on the head, when it does get out of your way. To "praise" it.

      If it doesn’t move ..carry it aside. And say "no" in a loud and stern voice
      Dog training takes patience.

    5. Kathy W says:

      Teach him to heel. You can do it in a class or buy a video. He’ll be happy to learn it, he just wants to please you.

    6. Caroline K says:

      If this annoys you you shouldnt have a dog. Pardon him for not wanting you to leave him alone.