How to Train a Boxer Puppy : Prevent Your Boxer from Jumping on People & Furniture


Learn basic information, tips and techniques that will help you teach your boxer puppy to stop jumping on people in this free video. Expert: Melanie McLeroy Contact: Bio: Melanie McLeroy co-owns the award winning Taurus Training dog training facility in Austin, Texas. She is also certified in animal CPR and first aid. Filmmaker: EV studios

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    25 Responses to “How to Train a Boxer Puppy : Prevent Your Boxer from Jumping on People & Furniture”

    1. vintagetwinss says:

      i tryed and my boxer keeps jumping thats all she does how do i teach her from doing it

    2. shawnmicheals21 says:

      @negautrunks how did u teach her?

    3. negautrunks says:

      my boxer is so friendly and just wants to make me happy 🙂

    4. aes620hb2 says:

      @thinkofme40 i have the same exact dog, did u get urs off a guy called ramel?

    5. AlannaTheLamb55 says:

      i grew up raising boxers. its always best to train them when they’re 1 month old. they’re less stubbern and you have to talk to them in a loud voice to get they’re attention cuz they get sidtracked right away i tought my boxer puppy that i have right now to sit, stay, shake and guard and not to jump.. when she was 1 month… took her at least 5 days to learn it

    6. anisgt says:

      I have a boxer dog and she is almost 3 yrs old and she is always in the learning mood but I still can’t get her to listen to me when I take her out for a walk. She is constantly pulling the chain, any tips?

    7. jwhitley20 says:

      the dog will jump to have you push her to get her treat

    8. ikmachov says:

      seriously.. like when she gav her dog the “thing she wanted” it looked like the dog didn’t know how to have fun

    9. Galacticmaster says:

      they are very strong, forward motion dogs,

      they use alot of their paws and frontal body weight against the target, hence they always jump up and slap you with a paw.

    10. curlsmuadbe says:

      your methods are shit.

    11. pato1098s says:

      never have to buy golf balls again 🙂 nice

    12. thinkofme40 says:

      my dog is part pit bull,boxer,and bull dog..wen someone walks in the dooor he jumps on people… i will try this though…

    13. INKEDupPETSMARTER says:

      my boxer is awesome i would never teach her to not jump its natural to the breed there affectionate i taught her to jump on cue by saying “big hugs” and i only treat my dog when i tell her to do something and she does it if she sits on her own and you treat her shes gonna expect a treat for what she should be doing

    14. Romanian97 says:


    15. RICK5150JEM777 says:

      they settle down at about 3 years.good luck!

    16. Arussl5 says:

      my boxer keeps jumping over my back wall and runs away..and she eats everything

    17. billythebaboon says:

      she’s so cute

    18. liammm78776 says:

      my boxer runs on golf courses and nicks the golfers golfballs, do a video on that lol

    19. xena2345678 says:

      there is an easier way, when they jump, hold their collar and pull it ( slowly & gently) down, do not give it a treat THEN, or else the pup will think, ” jump, owner push u sit and TREAT” Keep doing the same thing, pulling the collar until the dog stops. I trained 17 dogs like this and they learned this on that day they were trained.

    20. Jcrack514 says:

      my 12 week old boxer is rediculous. she almost does back flips when im about to feed her. its hilarious.

    21. markshurm says:

      i just wish my boxer would stop bouncing down the road when we go for a walk , hes funny thinks hes a kangaroo

    22. FOBrockybee says:

      haha like my great dane

    23. mcboytuga says:

      lol ahah

    24. obitoXxtobiXx says:

      wow cant u teach my puppy to do that plz ^^

    25. jacob123149 says:

      my boxers are fine
      its my bull mastiff im worried about jumpingon me.