How to Train a Boxer Puppy : How to Teach Your Boxer to Come


Learn basic information, tips and techniques that will help you teach your boxer puppy to come to you in this free video. Expert: Melanie McLeroy Contact: Bio: Melanie McLeroy co-owns the award winning Taurus Training dog training facility in Austin, Texas. She is also certified in animal CPR and first aid. Filmmaker: EV studios

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    12 Responses to “How to Train a Boxer Puppy : How to Teach Your Boxer to Come”

    1. pink32smooches says:

      my boxer will be here in two weeks ive been watching these vids like crazy

    2. AylinShanita says:

      Greatest Asian women ****

    3. sueygurl1962 says:

      my mom said today that she likes the breed i bet i can get her to get me one i did that with my last dog

    4. alexx646 says:

      im benging down a little bit ..thats encouraging her to come

    5. phillip41231 says:

      cum demand

    6. christopherhodgkiss says:

      my boxer only learns sit, we tried and tried other commands but he was so ignorant

    7. Val0327 says:

      I can’t wait to get my boxer puppy!!!

    8. compass2003 says:

      i have a boxer puppy so this video can come in hand

    9. RandomIndieSian says:

      haha come XD

    10. blazer1151 says:

      i have a teal boxer and did you know that boxers have grater chance to get cancer

    11. carlosxchavez says:

      i have a white boxer and he is 3 months old and he is a handfull

    12. roxannegirl13 says:

      awsome im getting a white boxer tommorow hes only 8 weeks