How to take my little dog running?

How to take my little dog running?


I have a shih tzu and since I got her I haven’t been running. I leave her home in a kennel all day and I feel bad leaving her in her kennel while I go running. I would love to take her with me but I don’t think she can run that far, any suggestions on what to do with her? She can walk a long ways, we went 3 miles the other day. Also she is not completely potty trained yet and she used to sleep well in my bed but lately she will jump off and sleep on the floor till i put her to bed, how can I keep her in bed?

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4 Responses to “How to take my little dog running?”

  1. lane says:

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  2. "I dance in the mud" says:

    Start off in slowly and only go a short distance. If she is young, I’d wait till she is older because excess exercise can be bad for growing pups.

    You could be one of "those" types of owners and buy a dog stroller. That way she can ride with you and then be let out for a few paces and then back into the stroller.

  3. ladystang says:

    take her and see if she can keep up. go a little longer each time.
    you can’t if she doesn’t want to be there.

  4. Stacey says:

    I go on quick jobs with my Maltese and he loves it.

    Just make sure your dog is at least a year and half old and fully grown. It is not good for them to go running when their bones and joints are still developing.

    As for sleeping in the bed, if your dog is more comfortable sleeping on the floor and prefers that to the bed, by all means allow her to do it.