How to stop dog from spraying all over the house??


So i just moved in with my buddy and my dog is behaving even worse then when i was living with my family..i have a miniature pinscher male…hes not fixed…well hes pretty much smelling all over the house and lifting his little leg to pee all over the place…he wont stop..i yell or shake a bell at him while hes doing it and he stops but seems like when im not paying attention hell start smelling around and then start peeing everywhere..the problem is hes an indoor dog and i cant have him doing this all over my buddys house..hes alittle over a year old..he is pee pad trained so he will go to the bathroom on the pad but just sprays alittle pee around the house at different do i stop this??its getting bad because hes peeing on my couch..on the bottom of my bed frame…the tv is on the ground at the moment and he sprayed on that…im clueless on what to do..i yell and scream at him when i see thats hes about to spray but that doesnt stop hium from doing it later….
i cant neuter him because hes going to be a breeding dog…and yes there are other dogs that live in the house as if i dont get him fixed theres nothing i can do??

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    One Response to “How to stop dog from spraying all over the house??”

    1. lrachelle says:

      Yelling and screaming will not fix the problem. The first thing to do is get him nuetered; that will solve 90% of the problem. He’s marking his territory in his new house, which is something that unfixed dogs do all the time. Are there other animals at the new house? If so, he’s trying to assert himself to them as the new leader.

      Get him neutered to solve the majority of the problem. If he continues to spray after that, consult your vet or behaviorist for additional tips.