How to put weight/coat back on a dog that has had pups and been spayed?


A friend of mine just adopted a 5-year-old Golden Retriever that has had 3 litters. She is from a show kennel and is OFA and CERF certified. She had to have C-sections for each litter and she was also just spayed ( her pups were born around Thanksgiving). She is very thin,about 45 lbs. She is being fed 5 cups of Bil-Jac dry plus some of the frozen every day. I have had dogs have puppies before but I never had one become so thin. I suggested a different type of dry and adding some cottage cheese and eggs to the diet. I know she will regain the weight eventually,but my friend is training her to be a therapy dog and really wants to get her into shape before she has to take her test in March.

What would you suggest to get some weight on her and get her coat coming back in?
I know what satin balls are,but I doubt my friend would want to use them. I’ll tell her,though.
She is going to the vet on Tuesday. She was just spayed a week ago. She is healthy,but just so thin. I know that hormones have a lot to do with her coat being so thin. She’s a beautiful dog.

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    4 Responses to “How to put weight/coat back on a dog that has had pups and been spayed?”

    1. Kit_kat says:

      add pasta or rice as this will put on weight fairly good
      also something like linatone or a oil type vitamin

    2. CHAO┬ž:BB is WB, BOW at Doswell says:

      Satin Balls is probably one of the best ways of putting weight on a dog. When my bulldogs lost weight due to a bout of explosive diarrhea that is what I put them on and they gained their weight back. Google recipes, there are tons of them online.

      To tighten up the waist, if it is sagging, jogging is the best thing, specially uphills. Running up hill is great for toning muscle. That is what you want the dog to gain is more muscle weight then fat.

    3. mutt says:

      give him ham. it would help and give her some eggs (eggs are good for the coat)

    4. ladystang says:

      feed quality food and i wouldn’t rush it
      talk to vet.