How to potty train an older dog on tt pads?


I have a 7 year old yorkshier terrier. We just moved to a new house with new carpet. I don’t want her to have any accidents on the new carpet. I would like to leave out tt pads during the day while we are at work. Any ideas on how to get her to use them?

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    2 Responses to “How to potty train an older dog on tt pads?”

    1. curmudgeon says:

      put pads inside and outside until she gets the idea

    2. Erica says:

      I used the pads for my puppy, I gave him a treat and praised him (really made a big deal out of it) when I saw him use one. It really worked for a while. But eventually, he thought anything in the floor was a pad (rugs, newspaper, laundry). The pads are supposed to have a certain scent that attracks the dogs, but I they just trained my dog to think anything in the floor was his restroom. I hope your experience is better!!

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