How to make your own dog food.


A dog is just like any other animal. If you go to a zoo, look at what the giraffes, tigers, lions are eating… Are they eating natural food or are they eating kibbles? Zoos are staffed with some of the best vets and vets don’t look at a lion and say, “Ah, time for some lion kibbles.” Learn to cook your own dog food from natural human grade ingredients and never buy kibbles from the pet store again. Dogs that are fed kibbles often suffer from various skin condition, allergies and bad breath. Yeon-na had really bad breath before I switched her over to homecook food. Just think about it, if kibbles really contain meat, how is it possible that it can be left on a shelf for months without spoiling? What kind of crazily strong preservative are used? Or – what kind crazily high heat have they put the meat through? And if it went through such high heat, how much nutrient is left? Dog food companies are known to add chemically created nutrients back into the kibble because so much of the original nutrients are damaged. If dog kibbles is are so “holistic”, why won’t humans snack on dog kibbles and consider that as eating supplements? Would anyone dare to eat dog kibbles? From an evolutionary history perspective, dogs have been scavenging around human tents and eating our food and leftovers. Therefore, feed your dog what you are not afraid of eating yourself. 🙂

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17 Responses to “How to make your own dog food.”

  1. flybybutterflies says:

    @MilkyFactory Lastly, we have not even found a tablet that contains all the nutritional needs for human, and we claim that we have found that for a dog? If someone said, “Well, this tablet/bag of tablets has EVERYTHING that your body requires, protein, taurine, DHA… , would you believe it?” Don’t argue that humans care about taste, yes we do, but we eat tasteless supplements or bitter medcine when we believe it’s doing good to our bodies. Write to me through PM if you still want talk more. 🙂

  2. flybybutterflies says:

    @MilkyFactory “I do not claim that dog kibble contains fresh food”, there you go. 🙂 I do not eat food with preservatives. Read up on the side effects.
    I do not treat my dog as a child but a child has similar growing needs. A child requires protein and calcium and takes this from natural sources. My example could be a baby elephant or a baby dolphin… When you go to zoos, are these animals eating kibbles or natural food? Zoos are staffed with vets too and vets feed them natural food.

  3. MilkyFactory says:

    @flybybutterflies I do not claim that dog kibble contains fresh food, and of course it contains preservatives like alot of the food we eat. But it’s a balanced diet, unlike the one you are offering your dog.
    Dogs are not humans, no they are not children even though some people like to think that way.
    They eat because they must, they don’t eat out of pleasure like humans, so they don’t mind eating “dried fish all their life”. Of course they enjoy diferent food, that’s what treats are for.

  4. flybybutterflies says:

    @MilkyFactory I use the word “brainwash” because people seem to forget simple logical things when it comes to dog food. Just answer me this, if dog kibbles really contain real fresh meat, how is it possible that it can sit on a shelf for months? In the human world, meat that can last this long are canned food, food with preservatives. Or dried meat, like sun-dried fish. But nobody would eat dried fish for his whole life.

  5. MilkyFactory says:

    One last thing before I stop bothering you.
    I really hope that you give your dog sepcial milk, or at least goat or soy milk.
    Cow milk is very unhealthy for dogs.
    I love your videos and think you’re a great owner from what I’ve seen, but I strongly disagree with you with this point. It’s a very objective subject, some people think it’s good to feed homemade food, others don’t, no I haven’t been “brainwashed” thank you, but I’ve studied as a vet tech.

  6. MilkyFactory says:

    @flybybutterflies There is also a lack of taurine in this diet, which you can also add as powder.
    While it’s not as important as for cats, it helps your dogs eyes stay healthy.
    I’m sorry but I disagree with you about the companies “brainwashing”.
    Some brands surely do, with some specialized diets such as “light” or “indoor cat” and these kinds, but mostly if you look at the composition of a good brand and research it, you will notice that it’s complete, healthy and necessary for your dog.

  7. MilkyFactory says:

    @flybybutterflies Well of course but these dogs you speak of “survived”, surely you want your dog to be healthier.
    Besides, by eating left overs from hunts dogs ate bones which are a source of calcium., and which helped clean their teeth.
    Unless you give your dog daily “teeth cleaning bones” such as Greenies, she is probably going to end up having problems.
    For the calcium you could probably add bone powder or grinded egg shells.

  8. ShadowBunnyification says:

    I heartily agree! I feed my cats a home made diet, all meat diet and I’ve had people tell me that I’ll kill them because I don’t feed them kibble. they just had a checkup and the vet said they were in perfect health with beautiful teeth.

  9. flybybutterflies says:

    @MilkyFactory A dog is no different from a growing human child. If this video had been entitled “a meal for a kid”, you would not say that it’s inappropriate. Dog food companies have brainwashed us so much that we can feel confident about raising a human child, but feel inadequate about cooking for a dog. Just remember, dogs evolved from wolves because they started scavenging around our huts, eating food that we throw out at them, leftovers. Dogs ate what humans ate, there was no “dog kibble”.

  10. flybybutterflies says:

    @MilkyFactory Well, I don’t really want to quarrel because I know how deeply brainwashed people can be when they believe kibbles is the best. But just think logical, so hard food = better teeth? Where is the logic in that? If you want clean teeth, just brush often.

    If you just do a quick search on brocolli or eggs, you will find that these are sources of calcium. Also, I do feed her dairy products like milk and yogurt which is what you would give to a growing child who needs calcium.

  11. MilkyFactory says:

    It’s really not the best for your dog.
    First of all so much soft food is bad for her teeth., also the diet you give your dog also lacks calcium and other vital nutrients.
    This diet would be good as an occasional treat but not as a daily meat.

  12. ladidaladidum says:


  13. flybybutterflies says:

    @madamwhut I use chicken breast or thigh and lamb shoulder. But I guess you can use other parts too.

  14. madamwhut says:

    what parts of the animal do you feed to your dog? like… chicken breast? lamb leg? or does it not matter?

  15. dazzleglass721 says:

    Very nice!

  16. Northern5tar says:

    Looks delicious. Can I have some too?

  17. fskatingdreams says:

    Thanks for the video. 🙂 Just remember never to feed your dog onions!